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I have been here before and they were really easy, no players club card. but, like the other recent review things are changing. You have to park, get a players club card, then call security to come out and register your place and give you the pass for the window. the security actually came out and suggested going inside for some food, gamble or whatever and then get you players club and call them to register. I just went in and got the players club, $15 in free table play certificates and called them to register. you get 3 days, but if after that no activity then you cant stay longer. he said some stay a week, but they will review your play to decide if you can stay longer. The resturant is great and had some great seafood dish last time, and some really good wines too. show your card on all purchases, you get a 10% discount on the resturants. not sure if that helps toward more nights. even security could not tell me how many points or what level of gambling you have to achieve to stay longer. it is a very nice casino. i wish casinos would look at the fact that many eat, and drink, but do limited gambling as i do rarely win. ill try some tables over the 3 days and see how it goes.
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