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Top Travel Destinations for Casino Tourists

Casinos are common entertainment hubs for people around the world, a place to socialize, casually pass the time or even win big. Although gambling online now has a strong presence in the casino industry, the excitement and fascination for physical casinos has not died down. With the rise in gambling industry worldwide, it is one of the most popular in terms of tourism.

Have you ever heard of casino tourism?

Casino tourism is all about travelling across different locations where casinos are legalised to gamble, to enjoy the casinos while also having a holiday. This form of tourism is a big thing for lovers of gambling and travel, it offers both gambling and hospitality attached to various casinos.

The excitement about setting foot in a place with so many games is hard to dismiss. While gambling and winnings is the pull of these trips, casinos worldwide offer resort facilities and hospitality like accommodation, excellent restaurants with various cuisine, shopping centers and spas 

Let’s explore the world of casino resorts with a list of top travel destinations that guarantees all round entertainment for you and even your family.

Las Vegas (United States)

The United States is one of the best tourist destinations you don’t need to second guess about. Las Vegas is the most popular of all casino cities, featured in numerous movies and TV shows for its casinos and nightlife.

It offers the opportunity of potential adventure in the daytime and lots of fun at night. 

You can visit restaurants, clubs and bars, live shows and performances, shopping malls and casinos filled with slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette and many other games designed to thrill tourists.

If you happen to visit the United States, do not forget to check out famous casinos in Vegas like Bellagio Las Vegas, and The Wynn Las Vegas .

Macau (China)

Although China is not very receptive of gambling, its special administrative region is an exception. With large crowds visiting the city every year, Macau is the popular hotspot for gambling in China. Macau is about seven times bigger than Las Vegas, rich in fun, culture and history that’ll definitely catch your time and be worthwhile. With bright lights and fancy games, Macau is a bustling zone. 

It will mesmerize you with the sheer opportunity to try out something new, be it gaming table, slot machine.

Popular casinos you can check out in Macau include The Venetian Macao, Grand Lisboa, Wynn Palace etc.

London (United Kingdom) 

When you explore the United Kingdom as a tourist, you’ll be surprised at how many casino cities and resorts you can find. 

London houses many of the best and largest casinos in the world, but also provides amazing restaurants, museums and other tourist attractions to enjoy. You can also check out local pubs and lounges in your spare time.

With over 20 casinos to choose from, London is the primary top-class casino city in the United Kingdom. 

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Monte Carlo (Monaco)

As a casino enthusiast, a trip to Monaco for a classy casino experience should be on your to-do list if you have not been there before. You’re missing out on meetings with rich and famous gamblers, and also both high-stakes games and one cent bets in the casinos.

The Monte Carlo Casino, also named Casino de Monte-Carlo, is the most famous and biggest gambling and entertainment complex in Monaco. A glamorous casino style with 108,000 square feet of casino gambling space and history, art, architecture, beautiful beaches, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants and more.

It is perfect location for lovers of art, classical movies, history etc.

Monaco is undoubtedly your go-to casino location.

The Bahamas 

Bahamas should be on your list of places to go for a dream vacation. The white sandy beaches, the bar, the clear blue ocean and the sparkling beauty of the sea is definitely intoxicating.

The casino attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year, they offer free play and slots that’ll definitely charm you and also fun and adventures for the family including a water park.


Casino tourism is a beautiful holiday idea for all enthusiasts, you can play your favorite betting game and also enjoy the tourist attractions.

Each of these locations is a place worth visiting at least once in your life. Start brushing up your skills and pack your bags and go on that trip!

Online Casino: Understanding the Individual Traits of Software Developers

Anyone who has spent time playing at an online casino will be acutely aware that the operators will offer games developed by a variety of software providers. In fact, it’s a sign of a good casino when the platform has a wide choice of developers rather than depending on a small number. Software developers are the backbone of the industry, providing the games and architecture that make it tick. But its also important to recognize that they bring broadly different traits to the table, and knowing these traits is important for players.

First, what is a software developer, AKA game provider, and what is its role? As you might gather, these are studios that create games, then license them out to casinos to house them on their platforms. A good way to think about it is that the casino itself is like a movie theater, whereas the developers are like movie studios. Your local movie theater doesn’t produce the movies, the likes of Warner Bros. and Disney do. Of course, you can have good casinos and bad casinos, so you’ll want your casino to be housing games from the best studios.

Some casino developers operate several studios

But as mentioned, many of the developers can have different traits and styles, and knowing the difference is important. Sometimes these traits are aesthetic, such as the style of the games. To give you an example, Microgaming operates several different studios, each with its own style. We could point to the classic-style Chicago Gold from Pear Tree Studios, which is markedly different from games like Fortunium from Stormcraft Studios. Both of these studios, and several others, are operated by Microgaming.

And yet, perhaps more importantly, there are mechanical differences. Most slots offer similar RTP (return to player) levels, ranging from around 92-97%, mostly around the 95% mark. Thus, it is often assumed by players that it makes little difference which games you play (RTP is like a reverse house edge). However, many gaming studios have different levels of what is known as variance or volatility.

Arguably, variance is a more important concept to understand than RTP. The latter dictates how much a game will pay back over a (very long) period of time. Variance tells us how the game ‘behaves’, i.e., how often it pays, or how reliable it is. Of course, those are loose concepts, and we will never know when exactly a slot machine will award a win, but we can look at variance as a broad indicator. Low-variance games pay small amounts back quite often, whereas high-variance games tend to be less dependable, but they can pay huge amounts quite suddenly.

Studios specialize in high-variance games

So, as you might gather, what we are getting at here is that some developers specialize in high-variance games, whereas others specialize in low-variance games. Examples of developers of high-variance game providers include Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, and No Limit City. Helpfully, Pragmatic Play provides a volatility rating for each of its games, which you can see beside the reels. Other developers, including those under the Microgaming brand, tend to be more focused on medium to low-variance games. Knowing this information can help players match up their casino strategy to their goals.Book of AtemNow, here’s the rub: There are going to be exceptions to every rule. We can look at games from NetEnt, which usually develops low to mid-variance games, such as Starburst and Butterfly Staxx. But it also has a handful of high-variance games, including its Wild West-themed games Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive II. But in the broadest sense, if you open a Pragmatic game, you know it’s likely to be volatile, and you are likely to find low to mid-variance with a NetEnt game.Of course, you might not think any of this information is particularly useful. Your spin outcomes are dictated by an RNG, so you can’t predict the result. But as we mentioned, players have different strategy goals when playing at a casino. Some might look to make a small profit or are wagering to turn a bonus into real cash, in which case low variance games should be the choice. Others are shooting for the moon, looking for that one big hit that only a high-variance game is likely to provide. Each to their own, sure, but you can easily find the information about how each developer’s games are structured before you play, and it could help with your strategy.

Essential Tips for Safe and Secure Online Gambling in Canada

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, with many players enjoying the convenience of playing from home at wildz.com real money casino, amongst others. However, it’s important to remember that online gambling can be risky if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Here are five essential tips for safe and secure online gambling in Canada:

Make sure the website is legitimate

When it comes to online gambling in Canada, safety and security should always be your top priority. Before you start playing, make sure that the website is legitimate by doing some research on the company behind it. Check out their reviews and ratings from other players, as well as any information available about their licensing and regulation.

Additionally, look for signs of secure encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security). These are protocols used to protect data transmitted over the internet and ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. It’s also important to check if the website has a valid license from a reputable gaming authority. Finally, make sure to read through all terms and conditions before signing up for an account – this way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before committing to anything.

Use a secure payment methods

To ensure that you are playing safely and securely, make sure to use a secure payment method when making deposits or withdrawals. Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods for online gambling, but they can also be risky if not used properly. Make sure to only use credit cards from reputable companies with strong security measures in place. Additionally, consider using an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill which offer extra layers of protection for your financial information. If you’re looking for even more security, consider using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum which provide an additional layer of anonymity and privacy when making transactions online.

Keep your personal information private

To ensure that you exercise digital privacy, you should never share any of your personal information with anyone else while playing online. It’s also important to create strong passwords for all of your accounts and change them regularly. You should also avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when accessing online gambling sites as they are not secure and can leave you vulnerable to hackers. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your personal information will remain safe and secure while enjoying online gambling in Canada.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember to always choose a legitimate online gambling site, use secure payment methods, and be aware of the local laws and regulations when playing in Canada.

Navigating Online Casinos from your RV

You’ve leveled the RV, unfurled the awning, set up the outside chairs, and opened a cold bottle of something satisfying after a long drive.

A quick look at the stunning view in front and then, maybe, time for a quick game of blackjack?

If you were touring around the Scottish Glens of the United Kingdom in a “moho” then that wouldn’t be a problem.

In the UK’s regulated market, as long as you’re over 18 and betting on a UK Gambling Commission licenced online casino, you can bet from anywhere, including the top of a mountain. It is as simple as that!

Sadly, it isn’t as straightforward in the USA when it comes to betting at an online casino. Navigating around the online casino legislation in America is tricky, to say the least.

For instance, your RV trip may have taken you across state lines – from one where you live – where online casinos are legal – to one where they aren’t. The number one rule when looking to play at an online casino from your RV is to 100% research the gambling laws for the state you are in before playing or signing up for an online casino.

But even then, it’s not that simple. Let’s say you live in Connecticut and have signed up for their licenced online casinos but you’re now in Nebraska taking a break. Like any good casino online these days, they should have a geo block feature to restrict access based on your location. You could try a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but there’s no guarantee it won’t be spotted which could result in restrictions and funds being frozen.

All of this interstate gambling disconnection dates back to the Wire Act of 1961. A law that was introduced two decades before the internet was born in 1983. It was introduced to combat organized crime by preventing the transmission of information across state lines, via phone, to place bets or wagers on sporting events. 

What that means, essentially, is that states that have legalized online gambling can’t accept players joining from other states. To complicate matters further, some states that have legalized online casinos have secured interstate compacts, such as the Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey poker pact of 2017.

And to confuse matters even more, not all states that have legalized online casinos offer the same types of online experience. Nevada, for instance, allows online sports and poker betting but not casino.

Whilst online sports betting can be accessed in 20+ states, only six US states have legalized full-ranging online casinos, including Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia.

So some people can, and some people can’t, and some people can in multiple states but only on certain things. Confusing ain’t it!

Then, of course, there’s the offshore casino conundrum and whether you should sign up for one. In 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prohibited online gambling sites from allowing money originating from players in the USA.

If you’ve signed up for one, and they’ve accepted you, then they are doing so against the law.And the question then is: “how safe do you feel betting in a casino that would do that?”.

If all this legal chat is leaving you lost, you may be thinking, ‘it’s a lot easier to just go to a real casino,’ and that’s kinda the point. Land-based casinos see the online world as a threat, and rightly so. The global online version is a business that is ever expanding with fewer overheads and less money needed to run a land-based one.

Online casinos have innumerable benefits over land-based casinos because they aren’t restricted by space, which means access to thousands of your favorite slots and table games. They’re also frequently filled with great ongoing offers and promotions, are open 24/7 and not limited to set times like land-based casinos are.

Plus, there’s no fee to enter or a need to pay for drinks or food. You can simply pop to the refrigerator for that.

Having said that, land-based casinos are destination venues. A place to go and socialize, maybe get dressed up, watch a concert or enjoy a free glass of wine on arrival. They are an experience night, not a night in.

Great land-based casinos have a joie-de-vivre – or sense of excitement – that few online casinos can replicate fully. Although, newer Live Casino games do give you the ability to interact with the dealer and others.

However, the biggest disparity between online and real-life casinos lies in their Return To Player (RTP) percentages.

Online slots, for instance, have an average Return To Player of 95%-97%. And in most online casinos, you can check this before spinning. They actually promote these figures as a benefit of joining.

This is the opposite approach taken in land-based casinos where RTPs aren’t visible and are generally much lower. Slots in Las Vegas, for instance, must have a minimum RTP of just 75% and while there isn’t a global figure for the average RTP of land-based slots, reviewers the world over place them anywhere between 80% and 92%.

One thing we would always suggest before playing a land-based slot is to Google the company and slot machine name before playing and find out the RTP for that particular offline slot.

Of course, in the long run, the house always wins. That’s why it’s called the house edge.

So, if you want to continue to live the RV lifestyle, then we’d recommend always viewing gambling as a way to have fun, only to bet as much as you can afford to lose and never see it as a way to guarantee making money.

Top 5 Online Slots to play in New Jersey

Online casinos in the US present over a thousand slots to choose from. They vary by RTP, volatility, theme, payouts and structure. As a beginner or experienced player alike, it may be difficult to make out the best ones, and what makes them stand out.

Browse this top 5 list of the best online slots in NJ, which will serve as a great starting point for any player. We cover games with great payouts, entertaining gameplay, multiple special features, and good-looking graphics.

When browsing different slots to play, there’s a good reason we took our picks from the best NJ online casinos, such as Golden Nugget. The state of New Jersey was the first to legalize online gambling in the US. Because of this, many software providers have had time to acquire a license in this state. As such, NJ casinos have the best variety of slots on the market by far.

Starburst – NetEnt

Released in 2012 and created by NetEnt, Starburst is an online casino classic that instantly transferred its fame to the US market. This slot’s simplicity and wonderful design have made it a fan-favorite to thousands of casino players.

In Starburst, each winning spin will trigger a re-spin. These re-spins have a limit of 3, upon which the re-spin counter is reset. As such, Starburst is a “snowball”-style online slot that rewards consecutive winning spins.

Besides its re-spins, there are no extra special features in Starburst. The game has a Wild symbol which can help in forming winning combinations, but there are no traditional free spins rounds to speak of.

Starburst is very accessible, considering the minimum bet is $0,10 per game round. The game’s RTP is 96.09%, which is just in line with market averages. It’s considered a low volatility slot that sparks frequent wins, although these wins tend to be smaller in most cases. The maximum you can win on any given spin is 500x your initial stake size.

Because of its popularity, Starburst is often the target of many free spins bonuses at US online casinos.

88 Fortunes – SG Digital

88 Fortunes is yet another online casino classic, created by the famous Light & Wonder (formerly known as SG Digital – Scientific Games) and released in 2016. Despite its age, this slot holds up extremely well compared to many modern slots of today.

The game has a typical 5 reel layout, as well as 243 paylines, opening up ways to form many more winning combinations. In 88 Fortunes, the maximum you can win per spin is 1000 x your initial stake sie.

The RTP is good at 96%, and 88 Fortunes is considered a low to medium volatility slot. This means that, on average, you can expect frequent wins pop up on your screen.

88 Fortunes comes with two bonus features to spice things up during gameplay.

The FU BAT Jackpot feature is activated w hen 1 or more Fu Bat symbols show on your screen. This is where the excitement kicks in, as you are presented with 12 gold coins. You have to click to reveal the other side of these coins and find 3 matching “Baby” symbols. These symbols can reward you one of the game’s four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand, which can reward you up to x2272 your stake.

In addition, the game has a Free Games feature, activated by 3 Scatters (Gong symbols) appearing on your reels. This triggers a payout of up to 50 times your stake, as well as rewarding you with 10 free spins. The bonus round can be re-triggered through additional scatters during free spins.

Base GameBonanza Megaways – Big Time Gaming

Created by the mega-popular inventors of Megaways – Big Time Gaming, Bonanza Megaways is a hall of fame classic. This slot has its place in the online casino world as the first popular Megaways slot.

In typical Megaways fashion, Bonanza is a high volatility slot with a super-high payout potential. It’s best played with a higher budget and a risk-taking mindset. In general, wins won’t come frequently in Bonanza. When they do, they tend to be much higher compared to low to medium volatility slots.

The main highlight of Bonanza is the Reactions feature. Each time you form a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear and make room for new symbols to replace them. This can create successive chains of re-spins that can accumulate some huge wins.

If you activate the free spins feature by landing the appropriate Scatter symbols, the Reactions feature is enhanced. Namely, each successive winning spin will increase your win multiplier by X1 – indefinitely. What’s more, the free spins feature can be re-triggered and you can theoretically play with unlimited free spins and unlimited multipliers.

Atlantis Megaways – Reelplay

Reelplay may be a less known provider than Big Time Gaming or NetEnt, but under BTG’s Megaways license, they’ve created one of the best and most popular Megaways slots around.

Atlantis Megaways features up to 117,649 ways to win, an RTP of 96.1% and a maximum win of x8,641 your bet. The volatility is on the higher side, as expected. This means you should avoid Atlantis Megaways if you’re on a limited budget or you like to enjoy slots casually.

Atlantis Megaways’ main feature is the Jackpot Re-spins. This feature is activated by landing 6 or more symbols marked with a treasure chest. Once this happens, the treasure chests will be locked in position, and you will be rewarded with 3 free re-spins. If any additional treasure chests land, the re-spin counter is reset back to 3. The feature lasts until you run out of re-spins.

If you happen to run into any Pearl Shell symbols, they can also reward you with a jackpot prize of between10x and 2,000x your bet. All in all, it’s easy to see why Atlantis Megaways is a fan-favorite to many. Its high-rewarding, action-packed nature makes it one of the best around.

Parthenon – Quest for Immortality


Parthenon – Quest for Immortality is an ancient Greek-themed slot, created by NetEnt in 2021 as a sequel to the popular Pyramid: Quest for Immortality.

The game comes with an impressive 10,000 ways to win, an RTP of 96.03% and high volatility. This makes Parthenon – Quest for Immortality suitable for longer play sessions and players with extended budgets. The rewards don’t come often, but they tend to be sizable, even though the maximum win is a “mere” 1,250x your bet.

In this slot, any winning spin triggers a free re-spin, where previous winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones. This can theoretically create an infinite chain of free re-spins that can accumulate some massive wins.

You should also look out for the Wild Generation Zone, a top row made up of 4 symbols. Any winning combinations that include a symbol in the Wild Generation Zone is transformed into a Wild and locked in position for the following spins.

In Parthenon, there is also a Free Spins round activated by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols on your reels. These free spins are coupled by multipliers that can go up to X20, opening up massive winning potential.

All the above slots are available and licensed in the state of New Jersey through their respective software provider companies. Availability may vary by online casino. Not all casino sites in NJ are partnered with a wide variety of software providers, leading to comparatively fewer gaming options.

How to Pick an Internet Casino That Works for You

There are many casinos online, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. It’s important to pick an online casino that works for you and your needs.

When it comes to gambling, the internet is truly a blessing. It allows you to play from the comfort of your home and access various games. But with so many online casinos, how do you pick one that works for you?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking an internet casino:

Bonus Offers

The best online casinos offer bonuses for new players. These can come in the form of free chips or deposit match bonuses. Some casinos will even offer a no deposit bonus, so you can play for real money right away without risking a penny. Nonetheless, always check the wagering requirements as the conditions can be as high as 50x before you can make a withdrawal.

Find out about any bonuses offered by each site. It can be free cash, spins, and other perks like loyalty points. The bonuses are promotions to attract new players or retain existing ones, and you should always read the terms and conditions before you claim one.

Variety of Games

Look for casinos that offer different games and other entertainment features like live dealers and video poker machines! Alos, you should look out whether the casino uses top-notch gaming providers like NetEnt or Big Time Gaming.

Some casinos offer hundreds of games, while others focus on one or two types of games. If you want to make the most of gaming online, picking a platform with plenty of games is paramount. Moreover, you also want new games added regularly to keep things fresh and exciting.

Sites Reputation

You can check reviews or reach out to the customer service team to see how they respond to questions or complaints. It’s always helpful if an online casino has a good reputation among players and reviewers.

To know that a site has a good reputation, you’ll need a guide to online gambling. Such a site offers you reviews of various online casinos and finds you all the best and latest promotions. In addition, the platform helps you with step-by-step guides, as well as gives advice on what payment options can be used.

Payment Options

Play at casinos that accept your preferred payment methods and currencies. Before signing up with any platform you’ll want to know what payment options are available. Some only accept credit cards, while others let you pay using PayPal or other even Bitcoin.

When looking at payment options, pay attention to how quickly the casino processes deposits and withdrawals. Also, check whether there is a minimum amount to deposit into your account, as this varies depending on the operator. Some operators may also charge you a fee, so keep an eye out before making a deposit.


The most crucial factor to consider is the site’s security and legitimacy. It means you need to look into how well the site is safe from hackers and other threats. It could lead to financial losses or even identity theft if it doesn’t have enough protection.

You want to be sure that your personal information and money are safe. The best way to do this is by checking the site’s reputation and reading customer feedback. You should also look at how they handle problems and whether the casino uses encryption and evolving technology.

Always ensure that you are playing at a licensed casino from a reputable country such as Alderny, the UK, or Malta. If a casino does hold a license from one of these three, all funds are secure and the games are regularly tested to prove they are safe.

Choose Your Online Casino Wisely!

Finding the right internet casino can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great sites that offer players an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of online casino gaming or a beginner, there are certain things to consider when selecting a platform.

No matter how many casino games you play, you can’t go wrong with the internet. The online gaming industry is huge and growing daily, so there are plenty of options to choose from!

How to find the best casinos while traveling

Nowadays, traveling has become easier than it was in the past. For example, if you want to travel from the US to Canada, you can simply book your plane tickets and hotel online. This will save you time because online bookings are typically instant and safe. Additionally, you can easily prepare a list of the best destinations and things to explore.

Casino tourism is a great thing for those who love traveling and gambling, visiting different parts of the world while having fun at their favorite casinos. But sometimes there is no land-based casino nearby, which is why finding the best online casino site while traveling is so important.

Finding the best online casinos

If you are a casino game fan on the go, traveling across the US or to a country like Canada, there are many things to consider when looking for the best online casino to enjoy your favorite games. These include familiarity with exchange rates if traveling outside the US, licensing, payment options, games, usability, customer support services, and bonuses.

1. Know the exchange rates

A big tip when traveling internationally and playing casino games when on the go is to know the exchange rates. For example, if you travel from the United States to Canada, you’ll see that your dollar has increased by some cents. But it’s important to remember that you may have to pay currency conversion fees and that exchange rates fluctuate every day, so it is always best to stay updated.

2. Check the casino license

All online casinos should get a license before starting their operations. If you are traveling through states in the US you’ll always find fully licensed land-based casinos. But if you are playing online from the comfort of your RV, it’s always better to choose an online casino that has a license for that state.

Never sign-up at a site that doesn’t reveal its license details because your personal and banking information may not be safe. Besides, there’s no guarantee that you will receive your winnings on time.

3. Care about the user experience

No one wants to waste time on casino websites that don’t provide a great user experience. Some sites take too much time to load, and their games are often inaccessible on mobile devices.

You shouldn’t try an online casino that has a bad website design. Moreover, it would be best to avoid sites whose games cannot be played using a smartphone or other mobile devices. Reputable online casinos don’t have this problem. Their pages are easy to navigate, and they often offer both exclusive and non-exclusive games to their players.

4. Bonus offers can make the difference

Before joining and playing at an online casino, it is a good idea to check out the bonuses and promotions. Does the site offer a good welcome bonus for new players? Is there a loyalty scheme? A welcome offer that includes a match deposit bonus and free spins can help boost your bankroll and keep you playing for longer. This allows you to check out the site and see if it has all you want.

But, always remember to go through the bonus terms and conditions before you register and claim these online casino bonuses.

5. View the games library

The variety of games available in an online casino is another essential factor that you need to consider. Always check to see if your favorite games are available, as most online casinos allow punters to skim through their collection of games without having to register an account.

6. See the payment options available

The best online casinos get high ratings in reviews by offering a wide variety of fast and convenient payment methods. Make sure the casino accepts your preferred payment method. Does it charge fees? What are the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits?

An online casino that offers fast transactions and high withdrawal and deposit limits is always the best pick.

7. Customer support is key

Even the best online casinos can sometimes throw up issues. When you’re traveling, you want to know that you’ll have access to support 24/7 no matter where you are.

Choose a casino that lets you contact the support team by email and live chat at the very least. A phone line is an added bonus. The option of live chat is best because it’ll let you get in touch instantly. With emails, you will have to wait for a reply. The support agents of reputable and legit casinos will be friendly and knowledgeable helping you solve any issues quickly, which is great for travelers.


Bearing all these things in mind, wherever you travel, you can easily find a casino to play at. If you prefer to visit a land-based casino, be a casino tourist and plan your travels accordingly. But as long as you have an internet connection you can easily find a reliable online casino wherever you are.

So plan your next trip without worrying about fun and entertainment. We hope you have the best gambling experience as you try new casinos in different locations!

How popular are online casinos in the US?

Who doesn’t know them – the metropolises of gambling? Las Vegas, known as city that never sleeps, and the smaller but equally popular Atlantic City are places for betting and gambling with “celebrity factor”. To name just two examples of where real money players can gamble and play at will in the USA. However, these popular arcades are now getting great competition from the World Wide Web, and this competition is not sleeping either.

The past two years have accelerated a trend that was foreseeable before. However, due to the actions and approaches of the past months, online casinos had a chance to establish themselves on the market. This gave rise to several opportunities to gamble online like at online slots in the US and engage extensively in gambling. Around half of Americans have a positive attitude towards gambling per se. However, these figures say nothing about the popularity of online casinos. It’s not hard to guess that the last two years have seen an increase in the desire for more privacy and thus more security within one’s own four walls when it comes to real money gambling.

Although the personal attitude of Americans towards gambling has changed in contrast to earlier times, this has unfortunately not yet reached the responsible authorities. The gambling situation in this country is similar to that in Germany. There is also only one federal state that allows online casinos and thus sets the framework for the whole gambling sector. The situation is similar in the USA, where not every state allows online gambling for a quick fortune

Online casinos not legal in every state of the USA

The popularity of online casinos in general therefore is beyond question. But which state allows online casinos to go into operation?

  • New Jersey

Probably the most suitable state in the USA to operate gambling. The wide range of certified websites offers many different options available to the player. However, New Jersey should be the place of residence or habitual abode at the online casino in order to register and play online.

  • Pennsylvania

Here, the gambler of tomorrow is offered a wide selection of gambling websites. Constantly growing offers from a wide variety of excellent providers await the gambler here. Besides the great selection, gamers get affordable casino websites that offer hundreds of games and bonuses that impress.

  • West Virginia

Only since a few years this state can consider itself a winner in the world of online casinos. Gambling is officially permitted here. The number of websites is growing only slowly, but steadily, due to ongoing application phases with the responsible control authorities.

Casinos more popular than ever – also online

Due to the changes in the world, many people enjoy being active within their four walls. Legal online casinos offer a good opportunity to anonymously and safely bet and win money at online gambling. Hundreds of games of chance, including classics like poker and blackjack, as well as slot machines and online slots promise the combination of high-quality graphic resolution and exciting bonus opportunities.

The market for gambling in the USA set impressive records in the first quarter. The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently presented the latest figures, which clearly show that gambling is becoming increasingly popular, especially online.

Gamblers find it particularly exciting that tablets or smartphones can be used for gaming. Manufacturers and online casino operators are constantly developing new ideas to attract players to their screens. Classic games such as poker, baccarat, bingo or the card game blackjack are particularly in demand at the online gaming tables. Table games are growing, while slot machines are losing ground.

Digital casino 2.0 vs. on-site casino visit

Gambling is a topic that is almost as old as mankind itself. The opportunity to win big and experience thrills and excitement, leaving everyday life behind for a while, have always been good lures. But before the Internet revolutionized everyday life, people still had to limit themselves to local casinos. That’s different now. Because online casinos are conquering players around the world and are experiencing a real boom compared to gaming halls with a fixed location.

Online casinos offer gamblers many advantages

In addition to the anonymity of the Internet, one advantage here is certainly the fact that the security for wagering and losing money can be partially controlled and thus limited by the providers through artificial intelligence. This gives players security and ensures that addictive behavior is prevented before it can even occur.

Demo accounts give additional security in an online casino to try out games and explore one’s own options before real money “hits the table”. The era of digital gambling has begun and continued in living rooms at home. But does that now mean at the same time that fixed arcades are now obsolete?

Evening wear, good company and money to touch: Casinos on site

Visiting a casino gaming hall continues to attract millions of visitors every year. The atmosphere and ambience of such a visit allow many gaming enthusiasts to enjoy a relaxed as well as exciting evening. Many people appreciate the service, the social aspect as well as the environment, the sounds and the overall package at an on-site casino, which can make such a casino evening something special.

The future of gambling – online casinos currently fully in trend

Gambling will continue to excite and drive people for just as long as it has existed. Each player prefers different features and opportunities that gambling should offer him. In addition to security and anonymity as well as great bonuses, others prefer the social togetherness on site, the crackling atmosphere at poker and the experience itself of visiting a casino.

For every player, the gambling sector offers exactly what suits them. Even though this won’t mean the end for Las Vegas and Atlantic City, of course, the online casino industry continues to grow and already offers numerous people what the local casinos of this world can’t offer (anymore). But as we all know, competition is good for business!

6 Top Gambling Tips & Tricks For Beginners

There are numerous rumors about how to increase the winning odds in a casino. Or how at least a higher percentage of success is achieved. But the fact is that slots games cannot be won for sure. Other games of chance like roulette also depend on pure chance.

More important are profitable bonuses for new customers which are available along with your first deposit and can be used from this point on. In this case luck or mathematical calculations also play a role, but the welcome gift of an online casino is a nice way to increase your chances of winning. Still gamblers should follow the next real genuine tips and tricks to get the maximum fun and with a little luck maximum winnings.

#1 Determine how much money you want to spend

Gamblers should be aware in advance of the maximum amount of money invested (in the worst case lost). Necessary is the exact calculation of what financial reserves will be used for this. Is the money available and not needed for food, rent or other necessities of life? Optimal, then nothing stands in the way of the fun of the online games.

Gambling can only become a great leisure activity with a chance of winning if it is played without financial pressure. Money should never be borrowed for this purpose. Also important is the fact that losses cannot be “recovered”. So if you deposit money in an online casino to play slots, you ideally load up exactly the amount calculated beforehand, which can also be lost without any problems in case of emergency.

#2 Slots are more or less of volatile nature

Classic slots, which are already known for decades, are best suited for beginners. So fewer paylines and also lower payouts in the event of a win. Those who just want to gamble slots in a relaxed way and have no experience in this topic should try the simple slot games. No scatters, no hundreds of paylines and most likely oriented after the infamous “one-armed bandit”. These slots are less volatile and perfect for casual recreational players.

Those who have advanced experience can dare to play modern and elaborate slots. There are far more opportunities to win here. However, the risk of winning the main prize or free spins is much higher. Often, far more money has to be invested here so that the jackpot is cracked at all. Free spins can also only occur after a longer period of time. Experienced gamblers will find big winnings at a big risk here.

#3 The principle of “2 bags” (real insider tip!)

The two-pocket principle sounds curious, is unfortunately too often disregarded, but is highly effective. Basically, the first “pocket” contains the share capital. All profits go into the second pocket and remain untouched. These are not reinvested under any circumstances – even in the case of presumed lucky streaks. Now the gambler gambles away the capital stock and in the end there is a loss or a return. It’s important to avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not try to compensate losses by even higher stakes
  • Strictly segregate and store profits
  • Match stake to remaining share capital

This successful strategy is also used by professional gamblers with a lot of experience. However, the counting method is not easy in an online casino, but it can be implemented. If you follow this cornerstone of the casino strategy, you will be surprised that apparent losses have even turned into profits. Precisely because even smaller interim winnings are rigorously paid out or at least virtually calculated and planned. After a longer playing time, the starting capital may be gambled away. But the second “pocket” is bulging.

#4 Set limits and follow them strictly

The real maximum bet for slots is the rule of thumb of never betting more than 1 percent of your balance per spin. Rather, far less. Moreover, despite the apparent temptation, it makes more strategic sense to play with fewer paylines. Of course, smaller wins are less frequent then, but when it comes to profit, it is significantly higher. The starting capital must be invested sensibly. The best way to do this is with a certain diversification, i.e. a broad spread of different slots. The paylines should also be adjusted variably.

  • Example: 10 paylines and 2 EUR per spin: 20 cents per payline
  • Example: 5 paylines and 2 EUR per spin: 40 cents per payline

Just by reducing the paylines, winnings turn out to be much higher. Players with less experience should always start with smaller stakes. Here, 2 EUR are exaggerated, primarily for slots. After all, the fun should not come too short and the pleasure should last a while. The capital should therefore be used rather defensively and of course only use money that can be easily absorbed in case of loss.

#5 Take bonuses from the providers, but pay attention to the conditions

It is a nice gesture of the operators to present a kind of “welcome gift” to new customers. And this is in the form of a bonus on the first deposit. Most of the time, the deposited amount is doubled, but only up to a maximum sum. 200 EUR quickly becomes 400 EUR and the casino fun can quickly begin. Nevertheless, new customers should study the “bonus conditions” and get an overview.

As a rule, the value of the bonus must be turned over – i.e. reinvested – in many ways. For example, a 200 EUR bonus requires ten times the amount wagered on slots (2,000 EUR) to be verified for withdrawal. However, the “turnover” applies to all slots and all games of chance that the provider makes available. Most of the time, the turnover is realized quite quickly and if the “two-pocket method” is strictly followed, the real welcome gift will also work out. Unfortunately, many customers do not read the fine print and are surprised that bonuses are not paid out directly.

#6 No drugs and other intoxicating substances when gambling

What happens to people who have drunk too much alcohol? Correct, the inhibition threshold drops. It may sound a bit banal, but if you gamble drunk in a casino, you shouldn’t be surprised if you gamble away vast sums and end up with money that’s no longer enough to support yourself. Alcohol is often banned in brick-and-mortar casinos due to the etiquette, purely on the grounds of preventing addiction and protecting players. But online casinos cannot influence or prohibit the alcohol consumption or drug use of their customers.

Therefore, it is absolutely recommended to every ambitious gambler to play slots in their right mind. Anything else is nonsense and, in the worst case, burns a whole month’s professional income. Also, under stress – possibly winning pressure to regain losses – is not a particularly positive indicator to play in an online casino with fun and joy. After all, gambling should remain what it is, entertainment with a chance of winning.