Cryptocurrencies and Casinos: Will it ever happen?

Could Bitcoin be the future for casino campers?

If you’ve been paying close attention to the news over the last year or so, you may have heard us tell of a little thing called cryptocurrency. Well, as a matter of fact, even if you’re not a big news fan, there’s no doubt that you have heard the furor surrounding Bitcoin and its digital currency counterparts. And with cryptocurrencies creeping into everyday society, we’ve started to wonder if it will take off in the casino world. You know that place that affects all us casino campers. But before we go any further, let’s first see if this new form of payment is any good.

Cryptocurrencies, as we are sure you are aware, are a form of digital currency that allows you to make immediate payments without having to go through intermediary banks or have actual real-world money in your pocket. They are highly secure and provide a great deal of reassurance to users as they do not require you to release your financial information to any third parties. So, yes, in a nutshell, they’re great.

So, what about the casinos and camping for that matter? Well, when you think about it, we are moving closer toward a cashless society — in the physical sense at least. We now use our cards for every little transaction, and when someone asks us for cash, it’s sometimes seen as an inconvenience. In this sense, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum make absolute sense for us campers, as we can hold all our budget in digital form and have no fear of losing it along the way.

When it comes to casinos, we’ll have the convenience of not carrying cash with us in or out of the playing rooms, which may give some folks a little peace of mind. The slot machines will always be coin-operated, but perhaps the casino could give us tokens instead of coins? We can’t see that one working but exchanging your digital cash for chips would be a much safer option than carrying in a fistful of dollars.

Cryptocurrencies are already making their way into the world of casino games, with several industry heavyweights now accepting payments from providers who take digital currencies. Although this is an indirect form of acceptance, it’s still a start. Even better, though, is the fact that there is now an online poker platform that accepts only one specific type of cryptocurrency from players and no real-world cash. CoinPoker is a revolutionary poker platform that is set to make huge waves in the world of online poker.

Also, there are real-world casinos that accept cryptocurrencies for room and board, restaurants and in their stores. The one place they don’t accept it, however, is at the tables. With their willingness to accept digital currencies on-site, though, it’s obvious that the casinos are dipping their toes in the pool to test the water. And should the public’s interest in digital currencies continue, then we fully expect the day to come when you are asked “crypto or cash?” at the casino.