The Growth in Slot Games – Why Are There So Many Options?

Slot Machines

Anyone who regularly uses slot websites will know that the choice in games is through the roof, and there are more games than they’ll probably ever have time to try out firsthand. Many people are aware that this is a growing industry, and the online casino industry is projected to continue growing by millions of dollars annually in the coming years, and with that comes a level of growth.

The industry expansion (and therefore profits) definitely has a part to play in the slot game selection out there, but they don’t explain it completely, and there are some fascinating factors causing shifts in the industry. People can play games set in ancient Egypt, futuristic landscapes, or even games that simulate a zombie outbreak, so what is behind these options?


Some estimates say that the majority of Bitcoin transactions now involve gambling, as the industry has fully embraced crypto as one of its main methods of transferring money. Crypto is an efficient and fast way of moving money around without paying big fees and also offers casino gamers other benefits like anonymity and security.

For a lot of casino gamers, crypto opens up many new possibilities for transferring money, but there has also been a raft of specific crypto games that have hit the market. Bitcoin slot machine games are split between the old classics that we’ve seen on the market for years, and some brand-new innovative options such as Crash, a game that simulates a stock market rise and then crash, with the goal being to cash out before the big dip in the market.

Though crypto casinos already have a level of uniqueness due to the way they handle money, there is no harm in them adding more options for gamers, with crypto being a way to tweak the mechanics of games and allow them to offer slight differences for consumers. Developers making specific slots for crypto casinos may have the chance to experiment and offer something new to this market of early adopters.

The growth of the crypto casino industry is projected to exceed 10% year-on-year throughout the rest of the 2020s, so it is no wonder casinos are trying to add crypto and Bitcoin games to their sites.

The Demand for Mobile Games

The gambling industry is still going strong in terms of physical casinos that people can visit, whether they want to go to the Vegas strip and check out some of the most famous casinos, or they want to travel to the hundreds of casino options around the US in an RV.

Mobile gaming hasn’t replaced the experience of visiting casinos, and probably never will. People will always want to go to Las Vegas and explore some of the interesting activities in the area, and gambling is part of the experience for some people, but mobile gaming offers something different.

The convenience of being able to log in and play a game on your device has changed things for a lot of gamblers, whether they want traditional casino games or one of the new and unique slots with mini-games or a space theme. It is estimated there are more than 85 million people playing slot games already, and this means that there is demand for thousands of different games, with some liking the games that have a historical theme, some liking the wildlife theme, and others liking the more traditional fruit machine vibe.

More Developers

There are thought to be hundreds of companies that are making games now, and some big names in the industry include NetENT and Microgaming, which are companies that churn out new games monthly. Slot companies are all trying to make the next big game that goes viral, like some of the fishing games we’ve seen in recent years that have gained immense traction.

Slot Companies Trying to Differentiate Their Sites

You’re probably familiar with a business concept called the USP or “unique selling point” which is an industry term related to offering something that competitors simply can’t, or won’t, and this is big in the competitive world of casinos. One of the reasons people can log into a casino site and see thousands of games is that the companies are all trying to do things their competitors don’t and offer unique games.


We used to have a fraction of the options currently on the market, and not many slot games at all back in the days of the one-armed bandit and when casino slots had to be physical machines. Now, there are hundreds of developers trying to revolutionize the way casino gaming works or add their unique slant to slot games, and slot companies licensing the games to offer to their customers, creating a huge production line for the casino industry and ensuring no end of choice for consumers.