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Kansas 1327
August 2007
report from Rick and Lucky Lucy, August 2007

We are presently camped at Prairie Band casino north of Topeka. This is the first time we have been here since the tribe and Harrah's parted company. The RV site is still complementary for us and they have now added wi-fi, a nice touch.

We found everything pretty much the same. Lucky Lucy and I were both issued Premier level cards (Harrah's Diamond equivalent) which gave us access to the (former) Diamond lounge. Each of our accounts had some "starter" points available -- $20 for me and $30 for Lucky Lucy -- so we could enjoy a meal without playing first. Of course all our previous play went with our Harrah's accounts.

The machines are still the same as well -- All American in 25 cent and $1 and a version of Double Bonus in 25 cent that pays 1000 for quad Aces and 400 for straight flushes. The other payout were 9/6/5, haven't checked it for % yet but gut feeling says it isn't too bad -- especially since I hit the Aces. ;-)

We had dinner in the buffet -- steak and shrimp night. Given a sample of one, I come to the unscientific conclusion the buffet has slipped since Harrah's was manager. The steak was flank steak and not too bad. Pretty good boiled cold shrimp but the other five or six shrimp dishes were not fit to eat. Most had been in the warmer so long the shrimp were mushy and falling apart. The fried stuff was mostly grease soaked bread. We did find enough to suit our tastes so we didn't go away hungry but it certainly is not the quality as before. There were very few people in the buffet which I found strange for a Friday night.

All in all not a bad experience and we made off with some of their money. Life is good.
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