How popular are online casinos in the US?

Las Vegas Casino

Who doesn’t know them – the metropolises of gambling? Las Vegas, known as city that never sleeps, and the smaller but equally popular Atlantic City are places for betting and gambling with “celebrity factor”. To name just two examples of where real money players can gamble and play at will in the USA. However, these popular arcades are now getting great competition from the World Wide Web, and this competition is not sleeping either.

The past two years have accelerated a trend that was foreseeable before. However, due to the actions and approaches of the past months, online casinos had a chance to establish themselves on the market. This gave rise to several opportunities to gamble online like at online slots in the US and engage extensively in gambling. Around half of Americans have a positive attitude towards gambling per se. However, these figures say nothing about the popularity of online casinos. It’s not hard to guess that the last two years have seen an increase in the desire for more privacy and thus more security within one’s own four walls when it comes to real money gambling.

Although the personal attitude of Americans towards gambling has changed in contrast to earlier times, this has unfortunately not yet reached the responsible authorities. The gambling situation in this country is similar to that in Germany. There is also only one federal state that allows online casinos and thus sets the framework for the whole gambling sector. The situation is similar in the USA, where not every state allows online gambling for a quick fortune

Online casinos not legal in every state of the USA

The popularity of online casinos in general therefore is beyond question. But which state allows online casinos to go into operation?

  • New Jersey

Probably the most suitable state in the USA to operate gambling. The wide range of certified websites offers many different options available to the player. However, New Jersey should be the place of residence or habitual abode at the online casino in order to register and play online.

  • Pennsylvania

Here, the gambler of tomorrow is offered a wide selection of gambling websites. Constantly growing offers from a wide variety of excellent providers await the gambler here. Besides the great selection, gamers get affordable casino websites that offer hundreds of games and bonuses that impress.

  • West Virginia

Only since a few years this state can consider itself a winner in the world of online casinos. Gambling is officially permitted here. The number of websites is growing only slowly, but steadily, due to ongoing application phases with the responsible control authorities.

Casinos more popular than ever – also online

Due to the changes in the world, many people enjoy being active within their four walls. Legal online casinos offer a good opportunity to anonymously and safely bet and win money at online gambling. Hundreds of games of chance, including classics like poker and blackjack, as well as slot machines and online slots promise the combination of high-quality graphic resolution and exciting bonus opportunities.

The market for gambling in the USA set impressive records in the first quarter. The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently presented the latest figures, which clearly show that gambling is becoming increasingly popular, especially online.

Gamblers find it particularly exciting that tablets or smartphones can be used for gaming. Manufacturers and online casino operators are constantly developing new ideas to attract players to their screens. Classic games such as poker, baccarat, bingo or the card game blackjack are particularly in demand at the online gaming tables. Table games are growing, while slot machines are losing ground.

Digital casino 2.0 vs. on-site casino visit

Gambling is a topic that is almost as old as mankind itself. The opportunity to win big and experience thrills and excitement, leaving everyday life behind for a while, have always been good lures. But before the Internet revolutionized everyday life, people still had to limit themselves to local casinos. That’s different now. Because online casinos are conquering players around the world and are experiencing a real boom compared to gaming halls with a fixed location.

Online casinos offer gamblers many advantages

In addition to the anonymity of the Internet, one advantage here is certainly the fact that the security for wagering and losing money can be partially controlled and thus limited by the providers through artificial intelligence. This gives players security and ensures that addictive behavior is prevented before it can even occur.

Demo accounts give additional security in an online casino to try out games and explore one’s own options before real money “hits the table”. The era of digital gambling has begun and continued in living rooms at home. But does that now mean at the same time that fixed arcades are now obsolete?

Evening wear, good company and money to touch: Casinos on site

Visiting a casino gaming hall continues to attract millions of visitors every year. The atmosphere and ambience of such a visit allow many gaming enthusiasts to enjoy a relaxed as well as exciting evening. Many people appreciate the service, the social aspect as well as the environment, the sounds and the overall package at an on-site casino, which can make such a casino evening something special.

The future of gambling – online casinos currently fully in trend

Gambling will continue to excite and drive people for just as long as it has existed. Each player prefers different features and opportunities that gambling should offer him. In addition to security and anonymity as well as great bonuses, others prefer the social togetherness on site, the crackling atmosphere at poker and the experience itself of visiting a casino.

For every player, the gambling sector offers exactly what suits them. Even though this won’t mean the end for Las Vegas and Atlantic City, of course, the online casino industry continues to grow and already offers numerous people what the local casinos of this world can’t offer (anymore). But as we all know, competition is good for business!