6 Top Gambling Tips & Tricks For Beginners


There are numerous rumors about how to increase the winning odds in a casino. Or how at least a higher percentage of success is achieved. But the fact is that slots games cannot be won for sure. Other games of chance like roulette also depend on pure chance.

More important are profitable bonuses for new customers which are available along with your first deposit and can be used from this point on. In this case luck or mathematical calculations also play a role, but the welcome gift of an online casino is a nice way to increase your chances of winning. Still gamblers should follow the next real genuine tips and tricks to get the maximum fun and with a little luck maximum winnings.

#1 Determine how much money you want to spend

Gamblers should be aware in advance of the maximum amount of money invested (in the worst case lost). Necessary is the exact calculation of what financial reserves will be used for this. Is the money available and not needed for food, rent or other necessities of life? Optimal, then nothing stands in the way of the fun of the online games.

Gambling can only become a great leisure activity with a chance of winning if it is played without financial pressure. Money should never be borrowed for this purpose. Also important is the fact that losses cannot be “recovered”. So if you deposit money in an online casino to play slots, you ideally load up exactly the amount calculated beforehand, which can also be lost without any problems in case of emergency.

#2 Slots are more or less of volatile nature

Classic slots, which are already known for decades, are best suited for beginners. So fewer paylines and also lower payouts in the event of a win. Those who just want to gamble slots in a relaxed way and have no experience in this topic should try the simple slot games. No scatters, no hundreds of paylines and most likely oriented after the infamous “one-armed bandit”. These slots are less volatile and perfect for casual recreational players.

Those who have advanced experience can dare to play modern and elaborate slots. There are far more opportunities to win here. However, the risk of winning the main prize or free spins is much higher. Often, far more money has to be invested here so that the jackpot is cracked at all. Free spins can also only occur after a longer period of time. Experienced gamblers will find big winnings at a big risk here.

#3 The principle of “2 bags” (real insider tip!)

The two-pocket principle sounds curious, is unfortunately too often disregarded, but is highly effective. Basically, the first “pocket” contains the share capital. All profits go into the second pocket and remain untouched. These are not reinvested under any circumstances – even in the case of presumed lucky streaks. Now the gambler gambles away the capital stock and in the end there is a loss or a return. It’s important to avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not try to compensate losses by even higher stakes
  • Strictly segregate and store profits
  • Match stake to remaining share capital

This successful strategy is also used by professional gamblers with a lot of experience. However, the counting method is not easy in an online casino, but it can be implemented. If you follow this cornerstone of the casino strategy, you will be surprised that apparent losses have even turned into profits. Precisely because even smaller interim winnings are rigorously paid out or at least virtually calculated and planned. After a longer playing time, the starting capital may be gambled away. But the second “pocket” is bulging.

#4 Set limits and follow them strictly

The real maximum bet for slots is the rule of thumb of never betting more than 1 percent of your balance per spin. Rather, far less. Moreover, despite the apparent temptation, it makes more strategic sense to play with fewer paylines. Of course, smaller wins are less frequent then, but when it comes to profit, it is significantly higher. The starting capital must be invested sensibly. The best way to do this is with a certain diversification, i.e. a broad spread of different slots. The paylines should also be adjusted variably.

  • Example: 10 paylines and 2 EUR per spin: 20 cents per payline
  • Example: 5 paylines and 2 EUR per spin: 40 cents per payline

Just by reducing the paylines, winnings turn out to be much higher. Players with less experience should always start with smaller stakes. Here, 2 EUR are exaggerated, primarily for slots. After all, the fun should not come too short and the pleasure should last a while. The capital should therefore be used rather defensively and of course only use money that can be easily absorbed in case of loss.

#5 Take bonuses from the providers, but pay attention to the conditions

It is a nice gesture of the operators to present a kind of “welcome gift” to new customers. And this is in the form of a bonus on the first deposit. Most of the time, the deposited amount is doubled, but only up to a maximum sum. 200 EUR quickly becomes 400 EUR and the casino fun can quickly begin. Nevertheless, new customers should study the “bonus conditions” and get an overview.

As a rule, the value of the bonus must be turned over – i.e. reinvested – in many ways. For example, a 200 EUR bonus requires ten times the amount wagered on slots (2,000 EUR) to be verified for withdrawal. However, the “turnover” applies to all slots and all games of chance that the provider makes available. Most of the time, the turnover is realized quite quickly and if the “two-pocket method” is strictly followed, the real welcome gift will also work out. Unfortunately, many customers do not read the fine print and are surprised that bonuses are not paid out directly.

#6 No drugs and other intoxicating substances when gambling

What happens to people who have drunk too much alcohol? Correct, the inhibition threshold drops. It may sound a bit banal, but if you gamble drunk in a casino, you shouldn’t be surprised if you gamble away vast sums and end up with money that’s no longer enough to support yourself. Alcohol is often banned in brick-and-mortar casinos due to the etiquette, purely on the grounds of preventing addiction and protecting players. But online casinos cannot influence or prohibit the alcohol consumption or drug use of their customers.

Therefore, it is absolutely recommended to every ambitious gambler to play slots in their right mind. Anything else is nonsense and, in the worst case, burns a whole month’s professional income. Also, under stress – possibly winning pressure to regain losses – is not a particularly positive indicator to play in an online casino with fun and joy. After all, gambling should remain what it is, entertainment with a chance of winning.