Top Five US Movie Themed Slot Games

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When a movie is released, that’s just the start of a huge financial exercise. There are lots of other related products and one of them is often a slot game. This can be played at online gambling sites and often become incredibly popular.

It’s a good move for the slot companies, especially if the movie has been a massive success. That means there is already an audience for the new slot release. The hope is that the fans of the movie will be eager to play the slot game at their favorite online casino. Together with NJ online casino guides, we prepare a list of top 5 five slot games that have been based on US movies.


With the sad passing of Dame Olivia Newton John this year, why not play the slot version of her most famous movie? Her passing showed just how many fans the movie has and this Playtech slot game is a great way of remembering the movie musical.

This slot can’t help but bring back the memories. All your favorite characters are here including Danny and Sandy of course. When you play a movie-themed slot game at an online casino, it’s always good to see realistic images used for the symbols. If it’s a musical, then hearing some of the songs you know and love is another big bonus.

That is the case with this slot game and there are also plenty of chances to get some big wins. There are both stacked and random wilds as well as a pick ‘em round, free spins and progressive jackpots. This is definitely the one that you’ll want to play and not just on summer nights.

Jurassic World

When you want to play a movie-themed slot game, try to play one where there is a licensing agreement between the movie and slot companies. That’s why a visit to an online casino can see you playing games that tie in very closely with the movie.

Microgaming has a licensing agreement for the Jurassic Park/World games. The films have been a monstrous success in the cinemas and the slot versions have been big hits too.

There are 243 different ways to get a win in this Jurassic World slot game. Free spins can be triggered and there are three different features available to play. Look out for the Indominus Rex, well it’s hard to miss it really. Don’t be scared when an appearance takes place as it can produce a win that can be as high as 1000x.


Some movies are just so silly or bad that they become cult classics. That’s been the case with the Sharknado franchise and the production of a slot game was inevitable.

Pariplay has the licensing agreement and in the background you can see some water that it’s not recommended anyone has a swim in. Look out for the jumping sharks in this game that has a great look to it.

The symbols include familiar characters such as Nova Clarke and April Wexler. Again this is all good news regarding bringing back memories of the movie. Mind you, once you see Sharknado it’s hard to forget it.

There are lots of chances to get wins with additional wilds being created by a randomly appearing helicopter. There’s also the chance to receive free spins with multipliers.

Dark Knight SlotThe Dark Knight

Superhero movies regularly become massive box office hits. With Disney owning Marvel these days, that explains the lack of slots based on those blockbusters. The same applies to Star Wars but thankfully Disney doesn’t own DC yet.

The Dark Knight showed a different side of Batman. Much darker and none of the camp comedy seen in the 1960s TV series, on which many slot games have been based.

This game available to play at online casinos is another impressive Microgaming release. The impressive symbols include Batman and The Joker as well as Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent.

With 243 different ways to win, there are also four progressive jackpots to be won. Other bonus features include 15 free spins with any wins achieved being doubled. There’s also the random Batman or Joker Award that sees you given either a multiplier or another stacked wild.

Lord of the Rings

The new television series has shown just how popular this franchise is. The movies were massive hits with many an Oscar being won. Microgaming produced this impressive slot versions and they too have been highly successful.

When playing this slot at an online casino, there are 243 different ways for your spin to produce a win. Again, the symbols and the soundtrack will have you remembering the movies. There are bonus games too with free spins to be won and the good news is they can be retriggered giving you even more chances to get wins.