The Pros of Online Casinos Versus Land-Based Casinos

Online Gambling

If you’re a seasoned gambler, chances are you’ve already made up your mind as to whether you prefer online casinos or land-based ones. However, even if you’ve been placing bets for a while, online casinos are constantly evolving; they now offer far more advantages than ever before.

If you’re relatively new to online gambling or thinking of giving it a go, you might be wondering what the actual benefits are. So, whether you’re a professional card shark or a novice bettor, we’ve put together some clear reasons why online casinos are worth checking out.

The Social Aspect

For many proponents of using land-based casinos, the atmosphere is undeniably their biggest draw. The sound of coins spilling out of slots as a lucky gambler hits a jackpot is exciting and part of the environment. Despite realistic sounds and ambient effects, online games can’t convey the same tactile sense of excitement.

Or can they? Advancements in technology mean that many online casinos now feature dedicated live sections. These include popular table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat and feature live dealers. They also often incorporate messaging channels so that you can chat live with the dealer and other players.

These kinds of games help bring a live casino environment into your home, minus the deafening roar of drunk players at a nearby table. Plus, many online casinos feature tournaments and leaderboard-based events to further encourage social gambling.

One final thing that online gambling is capable of over land-based casinos is tailoring events to specific software providers and types of games. For example, you can now play free Pragmatic Play Slot Tournaments and win real cash.


The most obvious advantage to using an online casino is convenience. Even if you live next door to a land-based casino, they’re probably not going to let you through the door in just your pajamas. Gambling from home means you can do it whenever you want, as online casinos operate 24/7.

Online gambling sites also aren’t forced to operate in just one currency or payment method. Most sites handle deposits and withdrawals in USD, GBP, and EUR, but there are plenty of online casinos targeted to other specific regions and currencies.

From CAD to cryptocurrency, chances are you’ll find an online casino that accepts the money you prefer to use. It’s also straightforward to set up an account with an e-wallet, bank transfer, credit or debit card, or any number of other payment options. Plus, gambling sites tend to process deposits instantaneously.

Gambling on the go is also on the rise, thanks to mobile gaming apps. Although you won’t find any that accept real money on the Google Play Store, the App Store and (more often than not) the main casino site host iOS and Android apps.

Spoilt for Choice

Despite the size of many land-based casinos, they still only have a certain amount of space they can use. Therefore, their range of games is limited. Online casinos have no such restrictions. It’s not unusual to find sites with hundreds, even thousands, of titles.

From slots to table games and live dealers, online casinos offer all the same game types (and more) as their brick-and-mortar counterparts. It’s fair to think this could lead to option paralysis; if there’s so much choice, how can you choose? However, online casinos tend to organize their games by software providers, popularity, type, etc. Finding the right game for you is easier than ever.

Plus, at a land-based casino, you may have to wait your turn to play a game. Online casinos can cater to multiple players at one table. There are also no waiting times to play slots or the risk of that particular title hitting the jackpot for one player and then being unable to pay out to you.

Special Offers

When was the last time you got bonus credit just by walking through the door of a land-based casino? Promotions are undoubtedly the most significant advantage to online gambling as they offer incentives to new players and reward existing ones.

Welcome bonuses are a common sight, and they range from deposit matches to free spins and everything in between. Many online casinos also run loyalty or VIP schemes that give repeat players perks like exclusive offers, cashback, and priority customer support.

If there’s a potential downside to online casino promotions, it’s the wagering requirements. The best sites make these reasonable (lengthy time frames and freedom to use a bonus on whichever games you like), but it’s not a given. Always check the bonus terms before signing up.


A preference between land-based and online casinos is ultimately a personal choice. Perhaps you enjoy organizing a night out at your local casino every month or have a favorite online one with promotions that suit your play style.

Whichever one you prefer, it’s worth bearing in mind that the best online casinos emphasize responsible gambling. From bankroll management tips to game strategies, online casinos are set up to make sure you enjoy yourself for as long as possible.