The Bonus Situation – Getting Ahead at Online Casinos

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Bonuses are perks that online casinos offer to attract new and keep existing players. These come in different forms—free plays, free spins, free cash—and wagering requirements. 

In the following text, we discuss each and how to make the most out of such incentives when offered. 

Types of Casino Bonuses 

The most commonly offered online casino bonuses are the so-called welcome or sign-up, reload, and cashback variety. 

Welcome Bonuses 

For a casino aiming for exponential growth—and each does—it’s critical to make itself stand out in a highly competitive market. One way is offering generous welcome bonuses. These are designed exclusively for newcomers, motivating them to consider joining a given gambling site.

The two most common types of welcome bonuses are a no-deposit and match deposit bonus. 

No-Deposit Bonuses

As its name implies, a no-deposit doesn’t require a deposit. What that means is you create an account and the online casino rewards you with a pre-set amount that you can use to try predetermined games (in some casinos, it’s any game you wish). 

A no-deposit bonus is an ideal option for newbies who would not want to risk their money, at least until they sharpen their skills. Although it sounds perfect, a no-deposit bonus comes with other wagering requirements, so prior to using it, ensure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. 

Deposit Match Bonuses

For these, you would have to deposit a certain amount into your account. In most cases, a casino will match your deposit 100% up to a certain sum. For instance, if you deposit $100, a casino will give you an additional $100. In that case, the total bankroll would be $200.

Match deposit bonuses are among the most popular bonuses as you get more money to bet and increase your chances of winning. 

Reload Bonuses 

Reload bonuses are usually reserved for regular members. These perks come as a thank-you to the most loyal players. Reload bonuses can be occasional or regular incentives. They came as special promotions and seasonal offers, such as weekend promotions. Reload bonuses work like deposit match bonuses, except the matching percentage is lower for a reload bonus. Still, it’s worth considering as it loads the bankroll. 

Cashback Bonuses 

Last but not least, cashback bonuses. These parks are also for regular players but primarily for those experiencing financial losses. That’s the thing with gambling; it’s a rollercoaster of winning and losing. You have to be prepared for both. 

Still, when you join an online casino that puts members first and prioritizes the user experience, you may expect to be offered a perk like a cashback bonus. These incentives enable you to receive some of your lost funds back and continue playing. 

Again, it’s in the online casino’s best interest to have a strong customer base, and giving cashback bonuses ensures a higher retention rate. 

How to Make the Most of Casino Bonuses 

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to online bonuses. But there are steps all of us can make and things to take into consideration to help make use of the best online bonuses

Learn About the Terms and Conditions

Before opting for an online casino bonus, inform yourself about its terms and conditions. These can include betting, time, and withdrawal limits. Bear in mind that terms and conditions differ between bonuses, and whenever you get offered a perk, see what requirements you must meet to enjoy it. 

Know What Bonus to Choose

We hope the previous section helped you get a clearer picture of the bonuses and their differences. The more you know, the more informed decisions you’ll make regarding the best bonus for your gambling experience, bankroll, and aspirations. 

Opt for Games with a Lower House Edge

Maybe the smartest way to make the most out of online casino bonuses is to choose games with a low house edge. These include table games such as baccarat and blackjack. On the other hand, slots are familiar for a higher house edge. But if you are a slots enthusiast, we suggest choosing titles with a higher percentage of RTP (return to player). 

Examine Wagering Requirements 

…and choose those that are easier to fulfil. 

For those unsure what a wagering requirement means, it’s the number of times you must play with the bonus money before you can cash out any winning. With that said, when choosing a bonus, examine and evaluate wagering requirements; it’s the only way to determine what makes sense for you to leverage. 

A Final Piece of Advice 

Regardless of your gambling tenure, you’ll have good and bad days. When it seems like luck has turned its back on you, the best thing to do is to take a step back and pause. Remember, gambling should primarily be fun and a way to earn extra money. Bonuses can help you in the latter. Again, the most valuable gambling-related advice is, with or without bonuses, only bet on the money you can afford to lose.