Spice Up Your Virtual Game Nights With Poker & Other Card Game Alternatives

Virtual Game Night

The growth of the online gaming world has spiced up virtual game nights. You can play several types of card games with your friends or live opponents, including poker. There’s no need to hit up the crowded clubs to play a round of cards. All you need is a mobile device and a stable Internet connection. Download your choice of card game apps or sign up on gaming platforms offering multiple varieties of card and other games. Then, enjoy! For your upcoming virtual game night, keep in mind the following card games.


Poker has been played for centuries as one of the most celebrated card games in India and worldwide. You can quickly install a real money poker app to access popular and exciting poker games, including Omaha, Hold’em, and many more. A 52-card deck is used to play poker, and players use their top five cards to make their hands. The objective is to win the money in the middle of the board, called the pot. All the bets made by the players are contained in the pot. The cards are dealt over several betting rounds, and players make their betting actions, such as Showdown, Blinds, Turn, River, etc. Play poker with your friends or real-life opponents, and your virtual game night will be thrilling. You can also partake in tournaments and earn cash prizes.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is another popular card game and a similar variant to poker. It is played between 3 to 6 players using a pack of 52 cards. There’s no Joker. The dealer gives out three cards to the players, and no more cards are dealt, picked, or discarded in the game. Before starting the rounds, the minimum wager must be decided. All players must place their minimum stake in the pot. The game aims to place a wager on who has the best hand. You can play as a seen or blind player and carefully decide how to progress with the game.


Rummy is a popular and loved game in India. It used to be a favorite during social gatherings and festivals. Now the game is played online due to its convenience and accessibility. It is a skill-based game that requires players to use strategy and reason to win. The gameplay involves melding thirteen cards into relevant sets. If you can meld them before the opponents, you win. Online rummy games are played with live opponents, or you can invite friends. There are also ongoing tournaments where several rummy players compete and try to beat each other. Moreover, you can play several rummy variants online, including gin rummy, pool rummy, etc.


Bridge is a common card game enjoyed worldwide. There are four players divided into two teams. The teammates face each other and play with thirteen cards from a single deck of standard playing cards. The dealer deals one card at a time to the players. Bridge is similar to call break because it is a trick-taking game. The player with the highest card in the hand wins it. The objective is to score by bidding and then winning the pre-decided tricks. Nobody can see the cards, and every player takes a turn to place the required card at the center. The player who places the highest card wins the trick. The winner leads in the next round, and the game goes on until all thirteen cards are exhausted. Tricks are counted at the end of the game, and the player with the most tricks is declared the winner.

Spider Solitaire

If you want to play an uncomplicated yet exhilarating game, it cannot get better than spider solitaire. The game’s objective is to get the cards in descending order. The gameplay may appear simple when playing with a single suit, but the difficulty level increases when it is played with multiple suits. You can play Spider Solitaire online with opponents and engage in competitive gameplay. Here, the goal is to beat your opponent by scoring the highest. Start with the one-suit spider solitaire game. Once you have understood the rules and think you are ready to handle more competition, opt for two-suit or four-suit spider solitaire.


UNO is not about taking tricks or wagering bets according to your hand. It is also not about melding cards into relevant sequences. This game is one of the most exciting card games of modern times and also the cause of most fights. The game’s rules are simple. It would be best if you got rid of all your cards while playing various action, number, and symbol cards. It is the use of action cards that makes this game interesting. You can play action cards and make your opponents pick up two to four cards, shuffle hands, change color, reverse the game’s direction, etc. In online UNO games, you can go up against a bot or compete against real-life opponents worldwide. You can also invite your friends and beat them. If there are any mega tournaments, you can participate in them and earn lucrative rewards.

The Bottom Line

These card games will genuinely add spice to your virtual game night. Play with your friends or online opponents after downloading the application. Sign up and enter the world of thrilling gameplay requiring strategizing skills, quick thinking, and patience.