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Seminole Brighton Casino, not to bright of a place....
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First off, the security told us we can only stay 1 night. Very disappointing. We were directed to park in the rear of the building, along side some office trailers. There are only 3 parking slots. Not hook-ups. Lighting is evident, but poorly placed. Did not feel secure walking back to the coach at 10:00 pm. A fair walk around the building to the doors. We dined in the restaurant. also very disappointing. Expen$ive!! My friend had meatloaf, hard to mess that one up, very bland. I had a grilled cheese & fries. Bread was tough & cold. My wife had salad bar, $ 10.00. Only $5.00 if it was with an entree. My friends wife had the beer battered cod. Probably the best choice of the night. Our bill with tip was about $ 85.00. No live table games. Only one blackjack machine with 5 chairs. It was good to me. I started out with $ 20.00 and cashed out at $ 200.00 in about 35 minutes. I called it a night. My wife played the slots till about 2 am. She broke even. Not to bad there. Food & drinks were expensive. Hamburger at the grill was $ 7.50. Turkey club was $ 20.00. you might enjoy the games, but I recommend, pack a lunch. I don't think we'll be back. We wanted to stay 2 nights and gamble, but with only being able to stay 24 hours, we decided to move on. Not sure what it is with Florida, I guess they don't like RV'ers.
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November 30, 2016
ADDITIONAL INFO: Knock on our door at 8:00 am. Head of security informed us we must move. We are in the way of the offices that we did not want to park in front of the night before, but, security directed us there. Other two parking slots had a generator parked in one and employee cars parked in the other. The exit to the RV area had a fork lift partially blocking the road, making exit rather tough. At least the semi parked next to us had left during the night. Rather than re-locate, I decided to leave. If they want to put a short time allotment on gambling, I figure, they don't kneed our business.
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