Getting Some Practice in Before You Hit the Casino

Sahara Hotel and Casino

As you know by now, casinos are incredible places to stay for the resourceful RV enthusiast. And while anyone with an RV is entirely capable of taking care of themselves once they’ve found a spot, venturing into the casino itself might be unchartered territory for many campers. We have, of course, laid out a few simple tutorials in our gambling articles section, but there’s nothing that teaches you more about a game like poker than actually playing it. So here are a few ideas for getting you up to speed with games at the casino before you actually set foot inside one.

Practice with your partner
For couples who are both eager to learn some card games, you’re in luck. Buy yourself a good book on learning card games and both of you can sit down and practice every night ahead of your travels. The Ultimate Book of Card Games is a good one to start out with as it explains the basics and some strategies for the most popular card games.

It’s also a great way to get to know the basics of the games if you’re both novices so you won’t feel like you’re bothering anyone. It’s not only a great way to spend plenty of time together, and if you’re already out there RVing, it’s a great way to pass the time in the evening. And once you feel comfortable enough with the rules of games like poker and blackjack, then it’s time to find a game.

Organize a poker night with your friends
Now, practically every man or woman in the U.S. knows someone that holds a regular poker night. Gambling in the U.S. is huge even if it’s just a fun afternoon playing for chips in a New Jersey backyard or a late-night game in Vegas. What you want to do is ask around and try to find out if any of your poker playing buddies would be willing to allow a novice to sit at the table. Most friends will delight in the fact that you want to learn and welcome you with open arms — the more the merrier. Just make sure they understand that you’re there to learn.

There are also plenty of folk at the RV park that might be more than willing to sit down in the evening and play a few hands of whatever you’re trying to learn. So, go right ahead and ask them, too.

Learn how to play online
But perhaps one of the most convenient and practical ways to “learn the ropes” is to try playing casino games online. The great thing about this approach is that you get to play all the games that you’ll find in the casino but without the pressure of doing so in front of others: make a mistake and just start again. Unsure what to do, just check out the tutorials or the help page. But even better still, if you practice hard and improve your game, you might just make some money out of it and become that poker expert you dreamed of becoming.

There are plenty of online options out there, but one of the best known and most reputable in the U.S. is 888 Casino. They have plenty of casino promotions for new players on their site at the moment, and you can play blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker.

Whatever option you choose, it’s always best to set yourself a budget for your gambling and stick to it rigidly. Remember, you’ve got gas and food that won’t buy itself. So, gamble responsibly, but most importantly, have fun.