Four Intriguing Facts About Welcome Bonuses That You Probably Don’t Know

Welcome Bonus

Everyone interested in online casinos or sports betting websites has seen at least one welcome bonus. Online betting platforms use those types of promotions to accumulate new clients, which explains why they are so attractive. Depending on which platform you choose, the welcome promotion may provide you with all kinds of benefits.

With that being said, let’s check out a few intriguing facts about the welcome offers you probably haven’t heard of. They might help you choose the best promotion for you once you start betting.

1. Most of the welcome promotions require a bonus code

One of the first things to keep in mind about the proposals for new clients is that they may require a promo code. You could use some of the offers after making a deposit, but if you use the code 22_1540 you will get the welcome bonus for 22bet, which will provide you with bonus funds to play with.

There are different kinds of promo codes, depending on your preferred platform. Even though most of them have to be used before making a deposit, others will require you to implement them while creating an account. There are cases where you might have to use the code after making a deposit. The latter usually requires you to contact the customer support department.

2. Usually, the bonuses for new customers will provide you with a more substantial reward

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that people who use the 22bet promo code 22_1540 will get the chance to use a pretty cool bonus. Every leading gambling site’s welcome promotion usually provides new clients with a more substantial reward than the proposals for existing users. This helps most betting platforms accumulate a lot of new clients.

3. The welcome offers can’t be used alongside any other bonuses

One of the essential things you need to know about welcome bonuses is that you probably won’t be able to use them in conjunction with another offer. Although there are some exceptions, almost every gambling website does not allow its new customers to combine different offers. That’s due to the fact that most rewards have separate rollover requirements and minimum deposit conditions.

Users who decide to use a second bonus after claiming their signup proposals will have to forfeit their first option. In other words, unless you want to lose your welcome bonus, make sure to complete the specific conditions before using a second reward.

4. Most welcome offers will expire seven days after acquiring them

If you read the T&C of most bonuses, you will see that they will expire in several weeks (sometimes, they might be available for one month). Sadly, this isn’t the case when it comes down to welcome offers.

Most of them will be at your disposal for a week after receiving them. This means that you have to complete the rollover requirements as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.