Five of the Best Slot Games Based on Movies

Superman Slot

Slot makers enjoy using pop culture references to brand their wares, and the games can be themed on anything from the music of Jimi Hendrix to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. There is a rich tapestry for games developers to choose from, with movies perhaps offering the best source material to create a blockbuster slot. There are lots of movie-based slots out there, both online and in land-based casinos. And, with deals the one Playtech with Time Warner to make DC Comics-inspired games, there will be plenty more in the future as new movies roll out.

There is no rule, however, that says a great movie will make a great slot game (or vice versa), nor will everyone’s tastes be the same, so we have put the top five into different categories. You’ll find tons of slot games inspired by movies at, so we will use the selection on that site as our source. Below are five of the best movie-based slot games:

Best Gameplay: Man of Steel

This slot, which is based on the recent Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill, is full of cool features. Most notably is the Battle for Earth Free Games bonus, during which you are awarded unlimited free spins. The feature will only come to an end when General Zod ‘defeats’ Superman in battle. The World Engine Bonus and Krypton Free Games bonus are two other standout features of a brilliant game. Oh, there are progressive jackpots on offer too. These are linked through all DC Comics casino games.

Best Jackpot Game: Gladiator Jackpot

Like the movie, Gladiator slot has an epic feel to it, capturing real scenes and characters from the movie (with the exception of Russell Crowe, whose licensing must have been too expensive). There is an excellent free spins bonus, where you can collect multipliers, wild symbols and scatters before it gets underway. Yet, the main action lies in Gladiator Jackpot game, where revealing golden helms can award a jackpot potentially worth millions of dollars. A sequel to the game, Gladiator: Road to Rome, has also been released recently, coming amid rumors the film will also have a sequel.

Most Fun: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

We are almost conditioned to assume that a game based on a comedic source material couldn’t make for a serious casino game – but Ace Ventura slot really packs a punch win it comes to payout potential. However, at the same time, the game is bags of fun, with quirky little features and gags leading you to your wins. The best aspects of the game are the reel modifiers in the base game and the ‘animal’ modifiers in the free games bonus.

Ace Ventura Slot

Most Innovative: Batman Begins

Batman Begins, which is linked to the DC jackpots listed above, is effectively five different games in one. Why? Because it has different modes, with the game switching over once certain criteria have been fulfilled. So, for example, the Arkham Asylum mode has a special feature where wins can be multiplied up to 50 times, or the Monorail mode, which can add special duplicating ‘Microwave’ wild symbols to the reels.

Most Surprisingly Good: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing might not seem like the type of movie to base a slot game on, yet, somehow, this works. There are loads of different features related to the film, including Mambo Free Games, Whirling Wilds and the all-important Time of My Life Jackpot (progressive). Plenty of clips of the movie are featured in the game too.