Casino Games Are Inherently Traditional – In What Ways do Game Developers Modernize Them?



Casinos have been around since the Italian Renaissance. The first casino in history was established in Venice in the 17th century, the Casinò di Venezia. The building itself is even older, though. It’s signed by the famous architect Mauro Codussi. Codussi has designed some of the most beautiful churches around Italy, dating from the 15th century.

Originally, the casino was a wing of the Theatre Saint Moses, where attendees would gamble during the intermissions. So, casinos had a lot of time to develop a tradition of their own. How is this tradition going in the internet times? How is the new Caesars casino in Michigan part of this long established tradition? Keep reading and find out.

Upgrading Traditions

What started as mere mid-play entertainment became a tremendous success. By the middle of the 18th century, there were already over 120 casinos around the country. Land-based venues would open all over the world in the next centuries, making Las Vegas the most iconic city for casino-goers.

Land-based casinos from Las Vegas look very little like the Casino di Venezia, aesthetically speaking of course. The Entertainment Capital of the World has extravagant buildings of dubious taste. Visitors can find replicas of the pyramids, palaces, and even Venice! Meanwhile, Casinò di Venezia or the Casino di Monte Carlo look classy and refined. Oranges and apples? Think again.

The first casino was born from a theatre that was a playground for the rich. Besides, it was built by one of the most renowned architects at the time, and for a hefty cost. Through this perspective, the resemblances become clearer. Luxury and extravagance were defining features then and remain defining features now. Only the taste has changed.

To the Clouds


Fast-forwarding a few centuries, let’s now consider the situation of online casinos. The first online casino came around in the 90s, but only in the next decade did the idea take flight. The internet in the 90s was nothing like it is today. So the early platforms were, understandably, quite limited. Only a few games were offered, and there were even fewer payment methods. Besides, the idea was first met with scepticism and doubt.

The traditional games of land-based casinos remain at the core of any online casino. Almost every casino offers roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and craps; if not live dealer versions of them, at least instant ones. Yet, the first casinos couldn’t possibly anticipate the creation of slot machines. Slot machines have been everywhere since they became a fever back in the early 20th century.

Filling Slots

Slots are so popular that many casinos dedicate exclusively (or almost exclusively) to this game. Video slots can be played straight from the mobile phone, anywhere. Land-based venues usually have entire floors dedicated to these machines. Likewise, online platforms have long lists of slots titles. In fact, slots are often the largest part of online casinos.

Gambling 2.0

Despite all cutting-edge technology and eye-grabbing graphics, most virtual platforms today only want one thing: to get players closer to the real deal. Live dealer games with posh backgrounds, tables of green felt and hardwood, the sound of the chips going around. There are no more barriers between players, dealers, and the audience, thanks to live streaming.


Not having to travel for miles to enjoy a roulette session is great. However, the online environment takes away one of the most important features of land-based venues: top-notch architectural designs and facilities. Nowadays, it’s possible to play in some of the most expensive casinos in the world, wearing pyjamas.