A guide to choosing the best online casinos in Canada

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With over 19.3 million people gambling online in Canada, the country is leading the way in online gambling. While rules on not as stringent as on the other side of the border, the online gambling industry has been able to flourish thanks to ever-increasing technological developments that have meant online games are now accessible to a wider base of people than ever before. What’s more, as the industry adapts and improves, younger people are being drawn to get involved in the action creating a healthy amount of rivalry between online providers.

This has meant that the market has become saturated with online gambling sites, making choosing the right one a little tricky. So what qualities make a reliable and trustworthy casino that will provide a quality gaming experience? Check out the top qualities to look out for below when choosing an online gambling provider.

A trusted payment method

This is one of the most important points when looking for an online casino, as unfortunately there are a lot of websites out there that have less than ideal cyber security measures. Common payment methods such as Visa or MasterCard are most popular with online gambling users as they offer a secure and regulated method of receiving and transferring funds.

However, cryptocurrencies are now becoming popular at many online casinos as they are believed to offer a more secure form of payment. Some of the main benefits of using popular crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin include that it’s not regulated by a central banking authority, meaning that there are no complicated procedures, restrictions on the amounts that can be transferred or heavy charges for international transfers. In addition, payment via crypto currency offers more privacy as it cannot be traced to an individual.

Secure Payment

A reputable casino site will have secure payment methods for their players.

Accessible customer service

Choosing a provider than offers lots of games at great prices may seem great, but if you run into technical difficulties and find yourself in a 4 hour queue on the end of the phone, you’ll soon be wishing you’d found a slightly more expensive but higher quality online casino.

When registering for an online casino, it’s important to ensure there is good quality customer service for cases when you need it; this could be for issues with making a deposit or receiving a pay out, seeking game information, or requesting information on the privacy and data protection policies. Ensure you read some reviews to find out if the website has a reputable service, in addition to checking they have a contact number, email and possibly an online chat.

Great game variety

Another important factor when looking for an online casino to go with is the quality and variety of available games. Do they offer the latest gambling and gaming technology? How are the graphics and audio quality? Does the site offer the latest slot game and poker room technology?

A quality casino site like online casino 888 will offer a huge variety of games, from slots, to live poker, casino games and other community features such as leader boards and chat rooms where players can mingle. A good online site should also offer an excellent user experience, making it easy for players to navigate through the website and easily jump from one game to the next. Many sites now also offer VR connectability to bridge the gap between the brick and mortar experience and the online world.

Mobile friendly

One of the main attractions of playing online casino games is the ability to play flexibly, in any location and at any time you like, whether that be on your morning commute or from the comfort of your own sofa. In this case, a mobile friendly user experience is essential.

Many online casinos now offer desktop versions of games, making the experience much faster and of a generally higher quality. In addition, reputable online casinos will also offer an app that is seamlessly integrated with the website, enabling players to log in on their mobile device and receive a more personalized user experience while being on the go.

Secure Payment

Many online casino providers have now made their games accessible on mobile devices so players can play on-the-go.

What are the laws around online gambling in Canada?

The laws around gambling in Canada can be quite stringent, with each region being able to govern their own gambling laws and regulations. While it is generally illegal to provide online gambling services in Canada, the rules can be loosely interpreted, in which it is technically legal for international service providers to offer their services to Canadian residents.

However, it is worth noting that it is still currently against the law to participate in or offer gambling services to Canadian residents if the site is based in Canada.

Overall, gambling scene in Canada is one that is currently thriving. As brick and mortar casinos have had to shut their doors, the online scene has been busier than ever as Canadian citizens still try to get their fix from their favourite casino games. While it may not be so great for the Canadian economy as Canadian establishments generally cannot operate online the great news is that people are still able to access online casinos games, allowing the global industry to thrive.

Will the Canadian online gambling casino catch up? Perhaps, but in the meantime, ensure you bear in mind the above qualities when looking to a reputable and reliable casino.