Teen Patti Game Guide: What You Need To Know

Teen Patti is a popular Indian card game that gamblers have enjoyed for many, many years, however it has since been modified to perhaps bring it into the 21st century and keep in line with the constant evolution of consumer tastes that continue to change.

Indeed, Ezugi – the live casino game developer that is part of the Evolution Gaming group – has decided to make it a digital version and add an innovative feature that could appeal to a number of players all around the world.

One Day Teen Patti Classic

Whilst players will still need to bet on whether Player A or Player B will have the best three-card hand, this version of the Teen Patti online game to have been created will feature back and lay bets that can be placed across six different betting rounds!

The game – which is known as One Day Teen Patti – will see a number of odds presented before each of the cards is drawn, whilst they will also change based on the current favorite hand and the number of outs – otherwise known as winning cards – that are available.

The inclusion of the back and lay betting model that Ezugi has implemented means players are now able to trade their position, as well as their liability on the game, as they are able to monitor each round and how it changes with each hand that is dealt.

Streamed from the game developer’s studio in Romania, players will be able to access the game all around the world but will still be able to obtain an immersive gameplay experience that is as authentic as one that would be achieved when playing at a physical casino.

How is the game played?

We briefly mentioned how Teen Patti is played, however we will go into a little more depth in regard to the rules of this Indian gambling game.

It is usually played by at least three players, although up to six can participate. The game utilizes one full deck of cards (52 playing cards and no jokers) and follows a similar format to traditional poker games. Gamers will be required to place a bet to begin with, with a fixed amount usually being chosen.

Once every player has made the initial bet, they will be dealt into the game and receive three cards that are face down. Once these cards have been dealt, players will need to decide whether they want to call or raise the bet. Again, this is very similar to standard and conventional poker variants.

If a player decides to raise, it should be noted that it needs to be matched. For instance, if one player makes a raise of 2 coins, but a player then decides to raise it by 4 coins, the initial player would then need to place 4 additional coins instead of placing another 2 coins down like they would in poker. This could then potentially make a round of the game very expensive for one player.

The game will continue to progress and the cash amount will continue to grow over the six rounds that are played. It will be won by the player who stays in the game until the completion of the game and has the best hand.

The hands are decided in regard to rankings, with the highest being the best. These rankings are as follows:

  • Trail or Set (three of the same rank) – three Ace’s/Kings/etc.
  • Pure Sequence (straight flush) – three cards in sequence in the same suit.
  • Sequence (run) – three cards that are in a sequence.
  • Color – three cards of the same suit.
  • Pair – two cards of the same value.
  • High Card – If none of the above is possible, then the highest card wins. If players tie, then the player with the second-highest card wins.


One Day Teen Patti by Ezugi is an excellent title to have been made available and one that will provide gamers with an exceptional gaming experience should they look to play this live casino game. It is fairly simple to enjoy, and those that already love poker will easily be able to appreciate this game, too.