Can you play blackjack with cryptocurrencies?

It seems like the new crypto trend has heavily impacted the online gambling industry as many casinos are switching to the crypto alternative when it comes to money transfers. Ever since the world started noticing all the benefits that come from cryptocurrencies and their use in the real world, many online casinos started adopting this new trend and offering games that can be played with cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays, almost any casino game can be played using cryptocurrencies, as crypto casinos started small by introducing crypto payments to slots, but slowly improved their game portfolio by including other games.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and due to its dominance in the industry, crypto casinos have already started adopting it as the new normal.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at crypto blackjack, where can be played, and how it works.

Can You Play Blackjack Using Crypto?

The short answer is yes! You can definitely play blockchain blackjack using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. In fact, with blackjack being one of the most popular games in the casino world, it was included in the crypto adoption very early.

In order to play blackjack using cryptocurrencies, you need to find a casino that offers such games. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from and all of them work on the same principle.

Is Crypto Blackjack Different From Traditional Blackjack?

The rules of the game were not changed in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Blackjack still remains the same game we all know and love, and the only thing that is changed is the currency used in the process.

Instead of players using traditional fiat money, they can deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to fund their casino account, and use them to make bets on blackjack.

How to Start Gambling on Crypto Blackjack?

Even though the game is the same, there are still some things you need to consider before jumping on the fast-moving crypto train.

Another thing that is different from traditional blackjack is the way you fund your wallet, which can be difficult to understand for beginners in the crypto world.

In order to play blackjack with cryptocurrencies, you first need to obtain Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency that the casino allows people to gamble with. This means heading over to an exchange where you can purchase cryptocurrencies with FIAT money, which can later be transferred to your casino account.

Once you set up a wallet and purchase cryptocurrencies, you need to transfer them to your casino wallet in order to be able to make bets in crypto. This is a fairly easy process and even people without much experience can get it sorted out without any issues.

Benefits of Playing Crypto Blackjack

There are many benefits that come from using cryptocurrencies for gambling, and all of them apply to any casino game you play.

Here are some of them.


Cryptocurrencies work on a decentralized public ledger (blockchain) that adds another layer of security over traditional payments. This means that you’ll feel much safer playing with cryptocurrencies since they are virtually unhackable.

Fees and Transfers

Another big benefit that comes from using cryptocurrencies for gambling is the lower fees compared to the traditional banking or credit card system. Banks will charge you additional fees for processing your transactions which can eat away at your winnings. On the other hand, the crypto network has much lower fees, and you’ll get to keep most of your profits.

On top of that, the crypto network never sleeps, which means you’ll get instant money transfers. There are no bank holidays, delays, or any other things that might slow down the payment processing.


Since crypto casinos operate on the blockchain, where every transaction is recorded and accessible by anyone, it makes the process more transparent.

Also, the trust levels in crypto casinos are higher just because most crypto casino games are based on a decentralized blockchain where the casino cannot access or change the outcome of any game.