San Manuel Casino

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San Manuel Casino

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777 San Manuel Blvd.
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extremely steep hill

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Overnight RV Parking is OK -- NO DOGS!!
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Steep hill to get to the parking area
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Overnight RV Parking is OK -- NO DOGS!!


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Big lot. No dogs.
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RV Parking Area
No dogs. The lot is completely fenced with no vegetation.

Super steep climb to the RV lot.

Lots of room in the RV lot. They will shuttle you to the casino.

Earlier in the year posts said no camping. I’m pretty sure that has officially changed. The other RV that arrived after us ended up putting their slides out after security returned them to their coach.

Might want to call first.
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Currently no RV parking
Caution - just called casino, they have ongoing construction at the casino and they are no longer allowing overnight RV parking.
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Sept 2015 Update
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RV Parking Area
After going up the hill, we were directed back down by very helpful security person who called for a security car to escort us to a great level spot in the lower carpark near the entry. (unfortunately on day two we had to share the spot with trucks)
Sign up for players card and get $20 slot play, very loose slots gave us a reasonable win.
very friendly helpful staff throughout the casino.
Great food in the buffet at a very reasonable price. Soda at $1.50 free refills in snack bar only.
Huge Bingo hall with high payouts.
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November 28, 2009
Report from Laura & Sasha, November 28, 2009

Warning: Where the RVs have to go, extremely steep hill, put into at least 2nd gear if not first, just to get up the hill. There are no signs, no-body there to let you know where to go, and it is not easy to find. I would not go back, just because of the hill.

Is FREE overnight RV parking allowed? (Yes) There is no one to ask if there needs to be permission or not, but I called and they stated RV parking is there. There are no rules posted anywhere as the parking spots are on the high hill where the employees also park. There do not seem to be any maximum number of nights as there seemed to be several RVs there for the long term. Either they are parked for storage or there are some people working there and live in their RVs. But the lot is guarded, with a 24 hour guard on duty. We parked on the paved parking lot up in the nosebleed area.

Conditions: The parking lot is level, and as long as it is not a big weekend, there should be enough room for the big rigs. There is no way to walk to the casino, you have to get a shuttle. Getting a shuttle to the casino is not a problem, getting back to the rig could take about 15 to 30 minutes. There is a place to get the shuttle, it is well lit and covered. The entire park is under security.

Facilities provided: There is no dump station, nor fresh water but there are trash containers in the lot.


Food; We did not go to a buffet but went to the food court instead. One slice of pizza cost $3, a hot sub cost $6.95 and a beer cost $4. Food OK, nothing special. The bar was packed with waiting list. We went on a Saturday during Thanksgiving weekend so it was REALLY Crowded.

Gambling: We signed up for the player’s club, $5 each free play, $1 off food at the food court. There was one area that was smoke-free, but it was open to the area that was for smoking, so if still was smoky. The entire place was very smoky – because almost everyone in there was smoking. We played our 5 cent slots (no penny slots that we could find) and left. We did not find the casino particularly enjoyable as there were so many people there, every slot chair was taken.

Entertainment; anything to do here?: There was a band playing somewhere, it sounded pretty good when you were close to it, not good when you were farther away. While there might have been entertainment at other times, there was nothing big there that weekend.

Is there anything for kids to do?: Kids are not allowed at the Casino, not even to go into the parking lots. Everyone that drives in HAS to be 21.

Anything that impressed, surprised, or disappointed you?: Disappointed in the having to get a shuttle, such a steep hill, the smoke and the high prices for food. The buffet was $21.95 because it was a Saturday with seafood! Surprised about that this was not considered really busy, just sort of busy!
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December 3, 2008
Report from James M., December 3, 2008

Yes, they allow overnight RV parking BUT NO DOGS ALLOWED anywhere in the casino area. We arrived at 2 PM and found our way up the hill to the RV area (not really marked). We could see the RVs on top of the hill overlooking the casino so we wound our way through the casino grounds and up the hill.

We parked and Jim took the dog for a walk to to talk to the Security Guard. He was told "no dogs"- not even in the cars or RVs. BUT we could stay- just be quiet. So we went about our business. At 10:30 PM when Jim took Angus for his last walk a different Security Guard told him we had to leave "immediately". Did not make any difference that a Supervisor had told us we could stay and that it was now 11:00 at night. SOOOOO we packed up and left. Fortunately it is close to the 210 freeway and we knew our way.

About the casino: large - no penny slots - buffet $14.95 ($1.00 off for card holders) was just okay. Shuttle service up and down the steep hill. New card holders get a deck of cards. 3 cocktail lounges. Busy card room.
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