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Mississippi 1150
March 6, 2010
Report from Linda S., March 6, 2010

We were unsure where to park when we arrived since signs were posted at the entrances to all the parking lots indicating NO RVs allowed. Three large RVs had ignored the signs and had parked in a very tight lot and even opened their slides. We drove east of the defined lots and parked in an open area near the water so we could go in and ask if overnight parking was allowed and where we should park.

We were advised we could stay. The "NO RV" signs were posted because the space was intended for buses. RVs have gotten pinned in the tight parking lot. The polite lady suggested we park to the left of the large open grassy area. She said the property did not belong to them but it was the best place to park.

We parked in the suggested area and found it to be quite comfortable. We were able to level, open all our slides, and we had waterfront view. The cons were--the isolated lot was a little shabby and unlit at night and a homeless man slept at a concrete barrier near the water. The Biloxi police drove by regularly and we saw a casino security vehicle drive by a few times.

We can't brag that we won any money at the casino but we did enjoy a great dinner buffet. We stopped at the east side Mississippi visitors center and asked about the casinos. They offered us two coupons for the dinner buffet--buy one, get one free. For $11 plus tax and gratuity, we had a wonderful meal, including all the crab legs you could eat.

If in the area, we would consider staying here again but would also consider one of the other casinos. There was plenty of parking space available at other casinos. For example the IP had a huge parking area. We saw RVs parked there. We also saw RVs parking across the street from the Hard Rock Casino.
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