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Michigan 2484
June 16, 2011
Well, where do I start. First off, the gravel RV lot is no more. There building a Hotel on it. We were told to park in the far lot near the far east entrance. This is not bad if your short and have a tight wheel base. The marked spaces, (about 55 ft long) are drawn in a manner that you can only line up on them when coming from the opposite direction, so we had to go all the way to the back of the employee parking lot to turn around and come back to line up in the lot. OK, we got situated. Did I mention these was NO SIGNAGE FOR RV'S!!( A favorite pet peeve of mine) Next, the security people informed us, NO USE OF SLIDE OUTS! The spaces are narrow, and if you use slides, it will block another from using the space next to you. If no one is there, sorry, the space must remain clear in case some else arrives in the middle of the night! OK, we can deal with this. We hitched a ride into the Casino with the security patrol, about a 300 yard walk for those whom prefer the exercise. Nice Casino! Lots of pretty things & lights, but expensive play. For a Thursday afternoon, 10 dollar Blackjack, 5 dollar Craps, I didn't even want to look at the roulette table. After my wife got her players card, she proceeded to loosed $ 125 in about 45 minutes on the penny & nickle slots. they were tight. OK, lets check out the buffet. After roughly a 30 minute wait, out little blinky device started lighting up and shaking, our turn to eat! Normal buffet is $ 15.00 by today w/players card it half price, great!! Not so great, it turns out each person must have a players card to get the discount, my wife's doesn't work for me. And I don't believe in cards, I don't want to be tracked, & I don't want my name & address sold, given away or swapped with any other company! So I politely decline the cashier and decide it's time to patronize another Casino! Did I mention my wife is upset?? Anyway, we make our way to the security desk to see about catching a ride back to the far lot where the RV is at. Man with the badge at the desk sayz, I don't believe we have anybody on duty this afternoon to shuttle people. Temper, temper, I kept telling myself. After a couple of calls, he managed to find a guy to drive us back to our coach. Needless to say, I gave the driver an earful. I told him I sorry and that I didn't direct anything at him but it was necessary to vent, and he was the closest thing I had. He understood. All in all, a nice Casino if you wanna float some heavy bucks, but if you like us and just wanna play with 25 or $50.00 for the afternoon, you might try elsewhere. This was our 10th Casino on 7 days so far. We have a couple of more to try yet this week.
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