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About Us

Who are we, and what’s this site all about?

Hi, my name is Larry Farquhar. Since 2004, my wife Connie and I travel the country in our motor home year round. Yes, we’re real people. I retired from the U.S. Air Force and operate the U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website. You can also read about our personal adventures on our personal website. To friends and family, we’re known as “The Happy Wanderers“. While traveling our wonderful country, many times we need an inexpensive place to park and stay for the night (or two). Parking overnight at a casino fits that bill.

You say we should pay for a room in the hotel instead of freeloading in their parking lot? WOW, did you ever stumble onto the wrong web page! Oh well, hang around and maybe you’ll learn something.

#1 – Casinos LOVE US. How do I know? Management has told me! Think about it, we’re not usually occupying a room, so we’re low maintenance, and we’re gambling every day. Many casinos have some type of RV parking available, and some provide huge parking facilities for RVers and for Truckers too. Some casinos even have a full-hookup RV Park on site, and many of these RV parks are very nice.

Because we usually don’t care about room comps, we’re free to play like locals, building comp points without regard to daily averages. If you don’t know the difference, you need to read this site! The end result, we eat free in the casino every day, and get a lot of other perks, and we’re NOT high rollers! We play mostly Quarter and Dollar video poker, live poker, and occasionally craps or blackjack.

Why are we here (on the web)?

Because we enjoy what we do, and we want to help you do it too. We also hope to educate and influence our fellow RVers to be good guests of the casinos and not cause problems that could lead to elimination of parking opportunities.

We started fulltime RV travel in 2004, and we’re always learning, and we want to learn from you — this is a reader participation site. Our hope is that other Casino Campers will share with us, and we’ll pass it on to everyone!

We promise to “tell it like it is”. No sugar coating. We’ll tell the bad and the good because we have no financial ties to any casino.

Casino Gambling

We also want to help you be educated gamblers – and winning gamblers. You can’t do that by giving the casino a 4% to 10% edge (or worse). You may as well write them a check at the door! Where do you find bad odds like these? Some people would say American Indian casinos, and “riverboat” casinos; however, that’s incorrect. I’ve found awful plays at every casino in the country, Las Vegas included. I’ve also seen good gambling conditions at many American Indian casinos and riverboats, so the stereotype is often wrong (see, you’ve learned something already).

Our promise to ourselves is to avoid giving the casino more than a 1.5% edge (usually less), and we try to turn it around and play with the advantage whenever possible. That’s right, there are times when you have a small mathematical advantage over the casino, especially when you add the value of your comps. We seek out these situations every chance we get, and we’ll tell you how we do it. Bottom line, we like to have fun at the casino and we like to do it frugally.