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Oregon 40065
Park- Using a Players Club Card go play- Accumulate 20 points then swipe your card at a kiosk to receive an Overnight Parking Voucher. Take the voucher to the Winners Circle. Need to know your site number and license plate number. They will fill out a form and give you a 1-night RV Parking Placard to be placed in your window. Have them put both you and your spouse on the form with each Winners Circle Card #. You can each accumulate 20 points and each can robtain a voucher (do it the day you gets the points or it will disappear from the kiosk)). Use 2nd voucher the next day (they are good for a week). I realize this sounds complicated but once you have learned the system it is an easy process. The form is only filled out 1 time as they use the back each time you surrender a voucher to record dates of stay for a full month- then a new form.
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