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We have been going here to this resort for years (12). It was our favorite place to camp and gamble and relax. It is a 5 and 1/2 hour trip as we live in NW Indiana. But we love to take the trip every year here. Camping was always affordable and meals were to. Recently over the last couple years we heard a new GM took over. MY parents also go RV camping here every year as they are retired. Well I call to reserve a campsite and sure enough their rates almost doubled in price!, we go anyway and when I checked in told them I wasnt happy about camping prices and lady told me everyone was complaining about it. We always go for a 3 night stay. We had fun and also noticed food prices went up a lot to. Talked to a fellow RV guy camped next to me and he is from Michigan said a new GM took over and raised prices to new highs guessed to pay for new renovations there. Motel prices soared to. After I got home a couple of weeks later I decided to call them and ask. An asst. Director called me back and said they called around and based their new high rates as comparable to campgrounds in the area. I said really are you kidding me. Other campgrounds dont have a cash cow casino on their property generating revenue. They need money to operate. We since cut our visits here and it is really sad all beacuse of greed! Camping at any casino should be affodable because they know they will get your money the moment you walk in the casino. They also had a punch card when you stay 5 nights get 1 night free. That is gone to. This was our favorite trip to go on every year. We looked forward to it so much every summer. We would also shop and golf nearby. It is a nice rv park. It is really sad they price gouge now. Their are a lot of renovations going on and guess the guy camped next to me was right. We have to pay for that! Since then we go to a place in Illinois to camp and gamble that is closer but really miss going to Little River! To double the prices is outrageous! My parents still go every year and they talk to a lot of campers there and they said same thing that a lot of campers complaining about spike in RV site prices. Guess it is their right to do what they want but is business that good that they can afford to lose patrons?
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