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Aqua Caliente Casino RV Parking
California 34291
March 24, 2010
Report from Just Wanderin', March 24, 2010

This is one casino we hadn't visited when we were previously in the Palm Springs area. Not much had been written about it so we had to check it out. We stopped by to pick up our new Player's Cards. They offer no free $$$ to sign up for their card. The casino itself is HUGE. There are many different slot machines but we didn't recognize any of our favorites. Now we didn't walk over the entire casino but we looked around at some of the slot machines and, of course, tried a few. We thought they were extremely tight.

Just to be sure we also stopped to check at Security about RV parking. The gentleman was adamant in that they do not allow it.

We were impressed with the size and openness of the casino but that was about it. It's also a huge hotel and spa and they bring in a lot of entertainment. Overall our thoughts are if you're going to stop and visit a casino in your RV, go on down the road to the Fantasy Springs or Spotlight 29.

Been there, done that. Now we don't need to go back to this one.

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