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We stayed overnight at this casino on the Indian reservation last year. It was a Friday night and we were heading up north for a week to see our daughter who lived up there. The wife likes to gamble a bit, so were figured we would overnight there. There are always a number of campers there on the weekends, so we pulled in, found a spot near the back and got comfortable. We had some dinner in the restaurant and the wife stayed to play the slots abit while I went back to the trailer. I have a mobile cellular internet, so I was amusing myself with that. Little did I know that there was a concert there that night and the parking lot started to fill up, even to the back where the campers were. By 9pm, the parking lot was full and we wouldnt have been able to get out if we had to. I could barely open the camper door. The concert let out around midnight and the concert goers took the party back to their cars, where it continued until 3am or os. Didnt get a whole lot of sleep, but I cant complain, we werent paying for our

Overall, it was a good experience....and I learned to check out what is going on before you

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