Spirit Mountain Casino

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Spirit Mountain Casino

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27100 S.W. Salmon River Highway
Grand Ronde
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Adding fresh water station

Spirit Mountain Casino free RV area is adding a water station so you can fill your fresh water tanks. We were there last week end and they said in about a week it will be ready for us.


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December 27 2009

Casino Camper Update, December 27 2009

A member of our Yahoo forum reported that the primary RV parking area has reopened. The collapsing barn which was a problem before has been removed. The dump station is also open.

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May 27 2009

- report from Paul M., May 27 2009

I need to update the RV parking area at Spirit Mountain Casino in Oregon. The main RV lot is closed, and has been for 6 months now. Officials at Spirit Mountain are saying it's closed for safety reasons.

They are letting RV's campout in the back parking lot (we were there over Memorial week end) but there is no dump site for tanks. On the back lot, there are very few garbage cans, and it's a little hard to understand where to park.

It's not as RV friendly as it was that's for sure. There is no dog area, and no pooper bags, so you will have to walk your dog on parking lot and bring your own scooper.

The safety reason they are saying is, there is an old barn that is in bad shape next to the RV parking and they do not want anyone in the RV lot in case it falls over. We live 30 miles from this casino, and there really isn't any danger. They may have other reasons, but are not saying. When I asked when the RV lot would re open. They say when it's safe again. Asked for a date, and they will not give one.

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October 2007

Report from our YAHOO group, October 2007

Spirit Mountain has a free dump station. You have to go inside to get the code for the gate

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July, 2007

- report from Rick and Lucky Lucy, July, 2007

Leaving the coastal highway we headed east to Grand Ronde to the Spirit Mountain Indian casino. The casino is the largest in Oregon and they court RV business. One large paved parking lot was devoted entirely to RVs, had stripes painted on the pavement of RV length, ran shuttle buses through the lot, and provide a dump station. All we had to do was register with security and we were in.

Lucky us, we hit them on seafood buffet night (Wednesday) and a bargain at only $15 each. Very popular with the locals and there was quite a waiting line. But they had "take a number" system so customers could go off and do other things while they were waiting (like gambling for instance). As we stood in line (when our number came up) we noted several trophies touting the skills and abilities of the chiefs in cooking seafood. This was encouraging and proved to be true. There was lots of seafood dishes but the highlight was the steamer clams and pan fried oysters. We packed away lots of good stuff and I can't recall eating any vegetables, salad, or bread -- just clams, crab, and oysters.

Unlike Washington casinos, they had real VP machines and a few even had decent payback schedules.

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