Most RV parking at casinos (other than casino RV parks) is "dry camping" sometimes called "blacktop boondocking". To really enjoy doing this you'll need be able to camp without hookups for water, electric, and sewer.


Dry camping opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you to enjoy your RV -- not only at casinos, but also in beautiful, wild, remote areas of the country as well.

If you have a fully self-contained RV then you can probably dry camp for 2 - 3 days with no changes at all. But if you want to enjoy this for extended periods you'll need to prepare. We dry camp a lot (over 50% of the time) and we can help you learn how.

There's already a lot of information on our RV travel blog, and I didn't see a reason to duplicate it over here, so when you click the links below a new window opens up in our other web site.

  • Introduction to Dry Camping -- Everything you need. This page includes links about batteries, solar power, inverters, generators, and more.
  • Miscellaneous Technical Topics -- This link will take you to an alphabetical listing of technical problems and projects that we've done. Many of them involve dry camping, but others are general RV issues.

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